Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This morning I had all kinds of fun appointments and some errands to run, but when I got out to the car to leave the battery had died. Well!
That opened up a several hours for me and I quickly went into my studio. got out the acrylic paint and just started playing. I painted and doodled and suddenly it was two hours later.
I was totally absorbed in happy colors, shapes, eyes suddenly looking back at me, lots of paint on my hands, funny little drawings and just the sheer playfulness of it all.
Pure Play
mixed media on 5 x 7 inch clay board
Available in my Etsy Shop

There's one more day to enter my giveaway (click on the picture on my sidebar). I'll draw the winner on May 1. How exciting!!

I hope you are having a fun day! I love when I just get to play and take a break from being serious. It's so important.

With love and giggles!



  1. This is a wonderful face. Sorry about your battery. uuhhggg

  2. love the colors and brightness of this. What fun you had in that short of a time!

  3. Sorry your battery died, but glad it inspired you to create such colorful art!
    I won your lovely scarf in a giveaway and I have LOVED it!!
    Am I bad to want to win this one too? I am bad then!! xx

  4. I love it!!! Love the colors! What a unique picture--

    Sorry about your battery-- but at least you got to play in your studio!!


  5. Bonjour,

    Avec ce portrait, une beau feu d'artifice de couleurs pétillantes.
    bravo !
    Gros bisous ❤︎ ❀ ❁ ❀ ❤︎

  6. fascinating and lovely - I love the colour.

  7. you had errands to run... but your car battery died... and then you discovered how wonderful it was, to have time to play!

    ahhhhhhhhhh synchrinocity! don't you love it?!? the universe knew you needed play time. and it "arranged" it.

    and such fun, you had!!!

    my husband used to work with acrylic paints. i never did though. another thing, to try sometime. :-)