Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of Dreams and Magic

Do you dream at night? I do. A lot! I always have. It's my own personal movie theater. Mostly it's just entertaining, but sometimes my dreams have special meaning to me and a few times they've been predictive about people I know.
I've been feeling the need to get away from making "serious" art for a bit to revive the fun factor. And  so I've been rather playful with my art and having such a good time!
Last night I had a wonderful dream where I was in a boat on the ocean and was accompanied by hundreds of dolphins. I felt such joy! To me, dolphins are a strong metaphor for play and it reaffirmed to just continue on the path I'm on with my art.
acrylic and charcoal on 5 x 7" clay board
Available in my Etsy Shop.

This was a really fun piece. I just played with shapes and colors and suddenly I saw that beautiful tall figure with the half moon. It felt magical to me and I decided to leave it as is.

With lots of love and magic,



  1. Love it Silke. The playfulness is fun and I would also leave it as is. The colors are great and make it stand out. Wonderful work!

  2. oh, you are on a roll, with fun and play!! hooooooray!!!

    oh yes, i dream. can't always remember them though. and they aren't always such, that i want to do so. :-(

    i see many "messages" in them, which i think my inner self, is trying to tell my waking self. sometimes ones i like. sometimes ones i don't like.

    when my dreams get really upsetting, i know to sit and think... what is upset, in my waking life? what is "hollering" to me, from my subconscious, to my conscious self? i know i have to sit and ask. i know i'd bettttter sit and ask. ,-)


  3. your inner 'work,' is telling you to let go and play.

    mine seems to be telling me to do-do-do. nothing large. just getting rid of "stuff." no big deal that. who couldn't do some getting rid of "stuff," at any time?

    but... since some of us are in this mode of seeking more self care, guess my push, means something, to/for me. :-)

    one thing i know it is doing, is making a form of daily exercise, into something i love to do. i love to cull! whereas, i shrink from walking. which leaves me with constant slight guilt, for not exercising daily. and helping my health.

    have been so wanting to eliminate this pervasive guilt-for-not-exercising.

    and what comes along, but this funnnnnn of purging "stuff"???? how is that for perfect timing??? how is that for synchrinocity? :-))))

    much courage to all of us, on this quest for greater self care!!!


  4. It's interesting how you get those colors to both blend together but to stay discrete as well, without getting muddy, lots of motion in it,

  5. I love it when you let go, your individual style really emerges and it really defines you as an artist...Love it!! These colors, the whimsy, the movement all very special!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I love the bright colours. It looks very playful.

  7. I love this colorful fun piece, Silke. I see a green figure with wings who has just got up from the black chair and is about to enter a tent. It truly is magical.