Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Angst to Art

All that anxiety last week resulted in two paintings (aside from all the baked goods I showed you in my last post). The one I showed you in this post, all colorful and wild.
And then this one, done entirely with Titanium White, Graphite Gray, Napthol Red and a touch of Cerulean Blue.
There's lots of texture through an initial layer of molding paste, plus from using a dry bristle brush, a palette knife and my etching needle for doing lots of scraping and scratching, both while the paint was still wet and after it had dried.
It was cathartic and I really love it! Not just a little bit. A lot!
And underneath it all is a self portrait of me ~ not visible, but I know it's there. I thought that was very fitting with how I felt last week. Underneath everything, I will always be me. :-)
Beneath the Surface
acrylic painting
12 x 12 inch canvas

Available here in my Etsy Shop.

Today, I am back to myself and feeling a bit more centered again. Thank goodness!! The weather is beautiful, we had scones for breakfast (I did have to get a little baking in today) and it's a good day!

I hope your Sunday is wonderful!!



  1. I love them!...especially the color choices. :-]

  2. Love it, the pop of the red is beautiful.

  3. Liebe Silke,

    das sieht wieder sehr gut aus.

    Alles Liebe


  4. Das ist ein sehr hübsches Bild liebe Silke ♥
    LG Sabine

  5. 'Underneath everything, I will always be me.' :-)

    well! how good and wise, silke, to know this and to state it so clearly.

    paul simon: after changes after changes we are more or less the same

    ts elliot: and we arrive at the place for the first time..

    i am probably paraphrasing. but so what.... :^)


  6. Our emotions can affect are art. It may be in a good way or the bad. We can't tell the outcome but your's definitely turned out good.
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  7. Hello Silke, I think is the best way to relax when you have anxiety...good work! I going to paint something soon...On monday I have things to do, and this weekend too, but on tuesday I will clean the art room, and start with something, or at least during next week i want to do it. Hugs, and love to you :)