Friday, November 2, 2012

My Friday

Here's how my day went today:

(I had no new and exciting picture to show you, so these are of a second little clutch purse I made yesterday - notice all the fancy and random machine stitching I added...I didn't even know my little old sewing machine could do such things!!)
Ok, back to my day:

I woke up this morning and Daniel brought me a cup of tea - wonderful!

I thought, when I get up, I'll go straight upstairs to paint and sew some more. Great plan!

But first I'll check my e-mail (big mistake!). I sat on the couch and suddenly the sunlight was illuminating every single dog and cat hair in the living room. Not to mention the dust particles flying around. I was horrified!

I jumped up and got out the vacuum cleaner and proceeded to vacuum the downstairs. Then I thought I might as well make the bed. And empty the dishwasher.

Then I realized that I hadn't eaten anything yet, so I had some homemade bread with almond butter and sour cherry preserves (yum!).
Daniel came by and mentioned something about a pumpkin pie. Did someone say bake?!? Of course I immediately made my favorite pie crust to have enough time to let it chill and bake the pie.

I got all my stuff together to take upstairs (finally) and saw that I had an email that the latest Real Simple magazine was available for download. I did download it and immediately got lost in all the great holiday gift ideas and recipes and the many ways I could make my life simpler if I could just get my act together...

By then it was lunchtime and Daniel had to leave for a meeting at school. I made him lunch and after he left thought I might as well eat, too.
I had roasted a chicken the other night and was about to pick the last of the meat off the carcass when I remembered that I had had a craving for chicken soup and promptly combined the leftover chicken with some herbs and veggies for a great smelling broth that is simmering as I write this.

Almost on my way up the stairs, I decided that I might as well bake the pie now so that it is cool when Daniel gets home and we can eat a piece. I rolled out the dough (oh, it was wonderful), assembled the filling and now it's in the oven baking.

I am staying downstairs so I can hear the buzzer go off and thought I might as well do a blog post.
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You might think that this is a day that has gone quite astray, but I love days when I have no concrete plans and can just follow my bliss! I may not have sewn or painted anything today, but there is soup simmering on the stove, a pie in the oven and happiness in my heart!

I'd call that a great day!!

Wishing you one as well!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    in Gedanken bin ich bei dir; denn bei dir ist
    Wärme, die ich sehr schätze.

    Ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Sonnenschein

  2. Loving your new clutch purse and to be honest your day sounds just wonderful. Enjoy the weekend Silke, Annette xx

  3. After a day like that you'll love this video
    on YouTube. My brother blogged it some time ago.

    Not that I am suggestion it's age related in your case, Silke. Some of us have been like that all our lives!

  4. Sehr hübsche Täschchen liebe Silke. Ihr macht es euch immer so gemütlich.
    ♥liche Grüße Sabine