Thursday, September 20, 2012

One of my big weaknesses...

And not just any of them. They have to be from Haribo and preferably refrigerated so that they are not so soft. I don't like soft gummy bears. Not at all!

How much of a weakness are they? Let's just say I cannot have them in the house. If I do, they get eaten. And not slowly either. I love them best by the handful. I always have. When I was little, I used to separate them into the different colors (red being my favorite) before I shoveled them in, but now I like them all mixed.

Also when I was little, my sister and I would sometimes each get a bag of gummy bears. She'd eat hers slowly. But not me. Mine would be gone in a flash. And then ~ sweet sister that she is ~ she'd share hers with me. I'm still grateful for that. :-)

When I first moved to the US some 27 years ago, I couldn't find the Haribo gummy bears anywhere - and everyone who would visit me would bring me big bags of them. Now you can find them in any grocery store, which has made it quite dangerous for me.

Generally, I have never had a big sweet tooth, nor am I a snacker. But Gummibärchen ~ that's a whole different story! 

I ate a whole bag of them yesterday! That means there won't be any more for quite a while...or until I learn moderation, which will be ... like ... never! 



  1. I so remember these from when we lived in Germany~~the delightful little bags of the tough on the tooth gummi-bears.
    There was only ONE BRAND of gummy anything at the time and it was Haribo.
    And I don't recall the old ones being soft; I recall a LOT of chewing!
    Can still taste the unique flavor of these little guys that lasted and lasted and usually had to be scraped out of a molar. lol!
    A yummy memory Silke!


  2. Oh, my son and I love these! And I feel the same way about Swedish Fish!! Dangerous to have in the house!

  3. Silke, thank you for continuing to stay in touch with me. I'm fine and do follow your blog. I love gummy bears also and they have to be Haribo! Have a wonderful day. Lorrie

  4. Aaaah, Gummibärchen! Unlike you, though, I like mine to be soft and large - preferably the kind you get open, not pre-packed, at fairgrounds.

  5. Lecker, lecker. Diese Gummibärchen. Wer kann da schon widerstehen. Ich mochte sie früher lieber. Die Geschmacksrichtung wurde schon vor Jahren etwas geändert. Als Kind habe ich sie immer nach Farben sortiert und immer der Reihe nach die Farben "abgegessen". So hat jeder seinen Spleen.
    LG Sabine

  6. This is the 2nd time this week i've heard of Gummy Bears...There is something so special about our childhood seems to me that European Gummy Bears are healthier than a lot of American sweet treats...Me, I don't keep any sweets in my house...but I love the memories...

  7. There are now Haribo Gummie bears made from REAL fruit juice though I doubt they are any healthier considering what goes into fruit juices these days. I recently devoured a bag in one fell swoop.
    Easy peasy

  8. *Teehee*...I have felt that way about certain things the box of Russell Stover's 'Nutty chewy crunchy'...or at least that's what I call them! LOL I could be here all day naming other stuff too! But NEVER gummy bears. LOL We all have our own thing. Just know that you are not alone! ^_^

  9. Ha! I love all of your comments about my beloved gummy bears and your favorite sweets! Yesterday I made a batch of chocolate cookies and ate way (WAY too many of them!!). I'm having a major sweet tooth these days...

    Sweet greetings to you all!! Love, Silke

  10. Silke,

    Do you know the Haribo Vampire:

    Love them!

    Moreover, you should save one gummy bear for this experiment:

    Have a great weekend,