Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Good Morning

Burg Hülshoff
As I was walking Winslow around our neighborhood this morning while it was still dark out, I thought to myself how I have always been a morning person.
The bust of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff in the background,
one of Germany's very important poets and writers.
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I can get up early and am fully energized pretty much immediately. Daniel gets up early, but he doesn't talk much. He needs to have some quiet time (and tea) to get going.
I, on the other hand, can talk up a storm and so I talk with Winslow and the kitties. And to myself...
I love that feeling of being up and about while the world around me is still sleeping. There is such a calm and quiet energy about that.
And so this quiet morning I thought I'd show you a few more pictures from the beautiful Münsterland, the area around where my family lives in Germany.
It is extremely gorgeous there in the summer ~ so green and lush!
And very flat, which is why all the castles that were built had moats around them for protection. Very beautiful!
Burg Hülshoff

Water Castle Venne

Water Castle Ittlingen

And here the first signs of fall I saw in Germany. Just like early mornings, I love fall. It is my favorite season and I wish it would arrive already here in Georgia!

The promise of fall always make me think of:

   ❋ that beautiful chill in the air
   ❋ crunchy apples to eat
   ❋ cozy evenings knitting
   ❋ the smell of fires in fireplaces
   ❋ making soups and stews
   ❋ baking bread and pies
   ❋ leaves changing color
   ❋ blustery days outside
   ❋ that golden late-autumn sunshine
   ❋ slower and more inward days

This morning I was almost able to imagine a chill in the air. Almost!

If fall has already arrived in your part of the world, will you send it on over here? Quickly?!



  1. Oh what a beautiful place Silke! I will send a little fall to you :) Hugs, Annika

    1. Thank you!! I can't wait for fall! It's going to be another warm day here... Usually by October, we get that autumn feeling as well! :) Hugs, Silke

  2. Liebe Silke,

    das waren fantastische Bilder.

    Alles Liebe


  3. Liebe Elisabeth,

    Das ist ja alles nicht so weit von dir entfernt. Und wirklich wunderschoen!

    Dir danke ich fuer deinen Besuch!! Und ich habe mich heute morgen schon ueber deinen post ueber Reisen gefreut!!

    In Liebe, Silke

  4. Love that first pic especially, the lovely reflection

  5. Silke, when Fall arrives here, I am holding onto it for DEAR LIFE!!! I'm not letting it go ANYWHERE! ;-D
    This morning was cool enough to turn on the gas log for a bit while I sat and had coffee in peace and quiet....watching the sun come up, moving further north.
    A good quiet morning for sure!


  6. Yay and a YIPPEE! I can get on your blog again! Oh beyond beautiful! And the scenery is pretty nice too! **happy smiles** Deb

  7. The Münsterland is so beautiful! And reg. Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, I remember very well her little Fürstenhäusle and her rooms in Meersburg, Lake Constance. She was such a tiny lady, as her bed and other furniture showed.

  8. you and i have the same love affair with fall. i can't wait to make apple crumb cake. and bake my breads. and soups. and fires.

    i always love my 'return' to germany through your family and eyes. castles like no where else.

    nice to see you blogging again.


  9. you make fall sound like a good thing. Here in saskatchewan it has really felt like fall for the past week, but I'm hoping to get a bit more summer!

  10. Fall slowly but surely comes to Munich... The leaves haven't changed their color yet, but the days are definitely getting shorter. I wish you were here for Oktoberfest! Wanna win an Oktoberfest T-shirt or Bavarian package? Then come over to my blog and sign up for the giveaways. :)