Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Hi everyone! I got back from my visit to Germany about 10 days ago and am trying to get back into our routine at home again. Visiting with my family and friends was wonderful - relaxed, rewarding and fun, fun, fun! Everyone is doing well and that's the most important thing of all!
And I got to enjoy Germany in the summer. There were two days with some rain but other than that the sun was shining and it was warm. Some days even a little too warm for my liking. But Germany in the summer has a special kind of beauty and I'll be sharing my photos with you little by little.
While I was traveling I was thinking about the things I usually do at home and one of those was this blog. I thought about how it has changed from what it originally started out being - my thoughts on my journey into creativity - to more of a show-and-tell blog. There is nothing wrong with that, except that it lost its appeal to me.
I thought about not continuing with the blogging, but I realized that I have really come to love writing, especially paired with photos and art, your comments and our interactions.
So I will continue with this blog, but I'll go back into the direction it had once had - I will go deeper again. Into myself and what I am thinking about. Some things will always remain too personal to share in a public forum on the internet, but many things aren't.
And I bet that many of the issues I think about as my life changes to one of more creativity, of more art, of being in my 40s, of feeling the first twinges of peri-menopause, of trying to be of value even though I am not working at a "regular" job, and of so much more - are also things that many of you contemplate.
Lately I found that I keep many of those thoughts to myself and that brings with it a feeling of "being the only one," of isolation and for me much anxiety.
Several of my close friends are facing enormous issues at the moment from health to finances to family dramas - and that makes me think about how important it is to savor the moment and enjoy life while it is enjoyable! I have such deep appreciation that all is well in my family at the moment!
And I realize how important it is for me to live deeply - which actually I usually do - and to share that with the world - which I often don't. Lately I have been more of a listener than a sharer and I can tell that somehow there is an imbalance within me. So, more sharing it is! Get ready!! ;-)
From when I can remember (and I very clearly remember back to when I was three years old) I have been a deep thinker. Always! I remember not even being in school and contemplating eternity and endlessness and realizing that I couldn't picture it in my mind. Ok, so I'm a little weird... ;-)
All that to say that my blog is going to change a little and become a bit more personal again. I'll continue to share photos and recipes (food is a huge part of our life) and art as soon as I start getting creative again. That, too, is changing and I'm not sure yet how.

As always, I hope you'll continue to accompany me on this journey that we all seem to share as we make our way through life. You all have become very important to me!


P.S. These pictures were all taken in Münster, my home town, this summer. The open air market that takes place every Saturday and Wednesday, rain or shine, is a must visit every time I am in Münster. Last time it was winter - cold and raining - and not nearly as pleasant as this time around... 


  1. Liebe Silke,

    ich freue mich, dass du wieder hier bist.

    Sonnige Grüße


    1. Liebe Elisabeth,

      Wie schoen, dass du als erste wieder vorbei schaust!! Ich hoffe, dir geht es gut. Werde gleich mal bei deinem Blog nachsehen!

      Alles Liebe und Gute,


  2. Welcome back, Silke! :-) I LOVE the photos of the open market, with the fruits and flowers and BREAD!!!...I look forward to seeing more of your 'open' blog posts too.

    1. Oh, if you could see that market in person - it is magnificent! And every time I visit I go and walk across it as often as I can. It's right next to the beautiful cathedral, which unfortunately was closed for renovations this year. I'm so happy to see you visiting my blog!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Schön, dass du wieder da bist, liebe Silke. Ich finde es sehr spannend, wenn du die Bilder mit Geschichten kombinierst.
    LG Sabine

    1. Liebe Sabine, ich freu mich auch wieder beim Bloggen dabei zu sein. Ich habe es doch vermisst, aber so eine Pause tut auch mal ganz gut. Und mal wieder in Deutschland zu sein war auch schoen!! Dir ganz liebe Gruesse, Silke

  4. Dear Silke,
    Thank you so much for showing these great photos of the market. Richard and I enjoyed the vegetables so much when we were in England, it must be the same for you in Germany.
    You are such a sensitive, creative soul and I am happy to read whatever you want to share on your blog!
    Welcome back to Georgia!!

  5. Dear Kay,

    I'm so glad we are back in touch! I thought of you as I was walking the streets of Germany - it feels good to connect with Europe again now and then, isn't it? And then it's also good to be back home!!

    Love, Silke

  6. Silke!! I have missed you! I was nodding as I read this post!! I feel so much the same as you do lately. Even to the point of not continuing with blogging. Thanks for sharing and being so open. It helps me as always to know someone out there feels the same!!

    Hugs! And welcome back!


    1. Cathy, it's so good to see you here again!! And it's good to be back! We'll have to connect to see what's been going on. I have missed you!!

      Hugs, Silke

  7. Silke, I can't wait to see all of the Germany pictures! I've had a couple of my cousins send me some messages asking when we were coming back. So looking at yours will almost make me feel as if I am visiting family again.
    Take Care,

    1. Liebe Ulrike,

      The visit to Germany really was great! And I definitely enjoy it more in the summer than during the winter when it is so dark and blustery. This time around was just so much easier to be outside and see the sights!

      And I'm glad to be back here as well!!

      xoxo, Silke

  8. Silke,

    Kudos to you. Kudos for being brave enough to be open about such private issues -- even if you hold back some of them for yourself.

    Sure thing I enjoyed the photos taken in Germany -- both similar to and different from the scenes I see every day here in Bavaria. Makes me want to travel within my own country...

    1. Hi Birgit,

      I find that Germany is a beautiful country - especially in the summer! There are so many different landscapes and such different architecture depending on the area. Bavaria is a part of Germany I do not know well yet.

      xoxo Silke

  9. So come to Bavaria soon, Silke. For most Americans, it's Germany anyway as you surely know yourself. ;) Seriously, if you ever visit Munich, we definitely have to meet at least for a cup of tea or coffee, okay?