Friday, July 27, 2012

Animal Interlude

Most of you know our two furry babies - Ramses, our cat and Winslow, our dog.
Well for a few weeks this summer, we took care of our friends' and neighbors' cat, Princess, who proceeded to live on our front porch while "her people" were gone.
Her real house has a cat door, so she could visit and hang out there whenever she wanted to. But we fed her on our front porch, since some of the wild cats of the neighborhood had figured out the magic of the cat door as well and were helping themselves to her food.
Well, now that princess has her family back and gets fed at her home again, one of the wild cats continued to hang around. At least, we though he was wild. It turns out he is intensely affectionate now that he decided we weren't so scary. He must have been owned by someone at some point, but for months now, he's been roaming our street and living in the storm drains.
He is so sweet and seems to have adopted us completely. He even allowed Winslow to lick his head and ears. And he and Ramses are peaceful as well. That said, we'll just wait and see for a while before we decide to really take him in. For now, he has taken over Princess' spot on the front porch and seems to be very content.

And I have to admit that I am just a tiny bit (ok ... quite a lot) in love with him already.
Now ... on to other garden creatures (ALERT - snake photo coming up).
Daniel discovered the most wonderful mama toad in our vegetable garden this morning. She was happy in the mud until Winslow got too close and she had to hop out!
And just because I love snakes, I had to snap this photo of a beautiful and harmless garter snake that was in a little corner in the backyard.
And that's all the animal news from our little corner of the world for today.

I hope you are having a beautiful and fun Friday!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    das sind eindrucksvolle Fotos.

    In lieber Verbundenheit


  2. Princess is a cutie!....Your snake friend, in my opinion, is not! LOL But thanks for sharing anyway! ^_^

  3. The little grey cat is sort of pretty, I wonder what his name would be IF you decide to keep him....

  4. Aaaw! Don't blame you for keeping on feeding the grey cat. So good that Ramses and Winslow are alright with him - nothing really stops you from making the adoption mutual, does it :-)
    I like snakes, too, and frogs and toads.

  5. Love that toad, we only get tiny little frogs occasionally in our garden that hop over from the neighbours pond, we get all excited when we see them lol ;o)

  6. Let's face it Dear; you have a new cat.
    They know a good home when they see one! ;-)


  7. You are smitten with the new cat -- I can tell! ☺ Thanks for offering the snake alert. I know that was for me.

  8. Silke, the only thing better than one cat is two. Glad you are taking care of him. Get rid of the snake. Yuck.

  9. Silke--- it's like a petting zoo at your house!!! I love your Ramses and Winslow--- and your friends kitty is beautiful! Sounds like you guys are having a great summer-- is it hot there--- it's been miserable here!

    Getting closer and closer to your trip!

  10. Have you given your visitor a name? He looks a bit like my Russian Blue - Yuri.

    Wonderful breed - so sad he has been a stray.

  11. glad you have a new cat! sealed deal!