Sunday, January 22, 2012

A new sketch and some rambling thoughts...

First of all, thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on my first print! I'm glad  you like it as much as I do. Yesterday, I did a fairly quick sketch of a portrait I can use for my next etching project.  She's a rather intense young woman, but for some reason all the women I draw or paint look at little intense. 
I've been thinking about why life seems so much easier and more joyful to me this year. Last year it seems that I slipped into anxiety early on and never quite recovered from it. Every little thing seemed like a huge deal to me. Stuff I now hardly think twice about, nearly had me reduced to tears last year.

So, I've been wondering what brought about that change and I think it started when I began with my daily (well, almost daily) gratitude list. It seems like such a little thing, but I think it is changing the way I view my world. I started looking more at what is good and beautiful in my life than I worried about what might happen (my worries are usually about what could happen, rarely about what is actually going on).

It reminded me again that a joyful life is nothing but a string of joy-filled moments. Difficult things happen in everybody's life and they will happen again in mine. But right now, while it's quiet and peaceful and all is well, I have decided to enjoy the little things, the peaceful moments, the quiet beauty that's all around me, the books I'm reading, the art I'm making, cooking, baking, eating, playing with our pets, spending time with friends... you get the idea.

Hand-in-hand with this, I have noticed that I have become so much kinder toward myself. I usually feel kind toward others, but I'm often quite hard on myself. Which accomplishes nothing. Nothing! Kindness on the other hand frees me from much anxiety and guilt and allows me to simply move on when I haven't quite accomplished what I thought I should.

So, am I grateful right now? You betcha!! 

Here just a few things that brighten my day:
Also, Jewel (one of the black bears being studied by the North American Bear Center) had two cubs this morning. If you click here, it'll automatically take you to her den cam, which I am totally addicted to these days...

Happy Sunday to you all!!


  1. Oh Silke! I don't see intensity in this girl, she is so beautiful and wow, I see a change in your sketching style! Love this one! The eyes and the hair are amazing!!

    I am enjoying our conversation about this topic. I will catch up with you soon!!


  2. Liebe Silke,

    einmalig schön.

    Alles Liebe


  3. Dear Silke,
    I would not say intense either, I would say intelligent and focused.
    Also, I seem to have computer problems these days and am not always able to leave comments but I always enjoy your posts!

  4. great sketch. a great face to paint.

    you're right about enjoying the little things. they can bring joy when you least expect.

    have a sweet day.

  5. Sweet Silke- your latest sketch is amazing- they all are- they always are!! Your reflection on life are right on target- I need to take lessons from you--- I really need to SLOW down!!

    Sending love-

  6. ♥LOVE♥ this new sketch and I sure loved the prints with the plate photos too. (could not get in to comment...ay yi yi!)
    So I can't wait to see how this one turns out~~you GO girl!
    I think, as with you, that starting the day with thanks brings a whole different feeling and perspective to the rest of the day, even if things just don't work right. It's getting started on the right foot that makes all the difference and I am glad to see you ENJOYING this class so much!


  7. That is a really great sketch, Silke. She does have a rather intense expression - but that is a good thing! This is such a wonderful post you've written - it is important to feel joy over the little things in life. :) So glad you are experiencing so much happiness this year!

  8. hi silke!

    i so understand your post. first, the girl is amazing, your growth has been huge the past 6 months as far as your art grows.
    i too am feeling like this year is so much better. my anxiety is getting better only when i remind myself of all the calm and wonderful things that go on in my life and try not to dwell on the things that i cannot control.

    i'm so happy to be sharing this journey with you!

  9. Hi Silke; deine Bleistiftzeichnung ist soooooooooooo toll! So viel Ausdruck! Und ja, es gibt so viele wertvolle und glückliche Momente und Dinge für die du und ich jetzt dankbar sein können. Das Leben ist gut jetzt und erst dann, wenn die Dinge problematisch werden, müssen wir uns Gedanken machen und sie lösen. Viele liebe Umarmungen! Hab eine schöne Woche und erwarte Post!! Gruß Caro

  10. I love her eyes..
    Gratitude, joy, kindness, rich colors, fresh fruit, creative expression...such a wonderful reflection! Thank you:)

  11. Silke, I think this young woman has a beautiful face. And I think your thoughts are often very similar to thoughts I have. I think you deserve to be kind to yourself. You've been so kind to us sharing your thoughts and your art. I hope this year continues to be a productive, happy, and peaceful one for you.
    ♥ audrey