Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sketch #3 - Self Portrait

Did I say I am totally hooked on sketching? This is a drawing of me, crows feet and all - I worked from a photo Daniel took of me in Tampa in the bright sunlight where you could see every line and wrinkle... and still I like the photo and the sketch! (Although I do look older in the sketch than in the photo - I'll try another sketch and see if I can get it "right." And then I'll also show you the photo to compare.)

So, remember that painting I was telling you about that I was so excited to finish and show you? Since I discovered I could sketch, I haven't touched it... But I will - eventually!

I have the same feeling with sketching that I had when I first discovered I could ride a bike when I was a young girl. So amazed that suddenly it worked that I did nothing by ride my bicycle. Now, I am thinking of trying some sketches from life, which is probably quite different again...

In any case, I have also done a good bit of knitting and will have some things to show you tomorrow... I hope you are all having a most wonderful weekend!!


  1. Very nice sketch. I think it is much easier to sketch from a photo than from real life.

  2. You go girl! Have a lovely week-end.

  3. Liebe Silke,

    wir freuen uns über deine Aktivitäten.
    Es ist alles sehr ansprechend.

    Frohe Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  4. Love it and the beautiful lines that are from the experiences of your life. Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day.

  5. No crows feet, only *smile lines*!!!!
    You go girl! And yes, sketching from life is different, well, it is for me. I have almost always used photos (other then when I was in school) simply because of the odd hours I keep and when I have a quick five minutes to devote to something.
    I did a couple of paintings that were strictly from a model set up (still lifes) and I to this day don't know how I got them done before the subects rotted.... LOL!!!


  6. I'm so glad you've found this new creative outlet for your energy! Have fun with it!

  7. You make me feel like sketching! Oooh, I love that feeling of discovering a newfound skill. Isn't it great how, if you put the two portraits together, you and Daniel are facing each other? Shish boom bah, Go Silke, Go Sike, rah rah rah!

  8. Silke, viel Spaß beim zeichnen - es ist immer sehr schön, wenn man Dinge tut, die man liebt. Viel Spaß und ein schönes Wochenende, Inge

  9. Honestly this is a much older and heavier you, but I could see that it was you! Keep it up. After a sketch a day for a few weeks you will be amazed at how much you will improve, practice makes perfect. xoxo

  10. i love your excitement silke! i've been busy making jewelry for my little show next week and now i'm hoping i can find a bit of time to sketch or paint tomorrow. i've been told to sketch every day, it will make me a better artist. i believe it, but i don't have the time. it will be fun to see how you progress.

    it's fun when we become friends with our smile lines, ha-ha!!

  11. Keep it up. You are so very amazing. Hard to believe this is your third (?) sketch.

  12. Beautiful Silke..wonderful work. I love the eyes and the expression! look awesome!
    Sketching is such a different realm and it is exciting in a different way..when we were kids we always had a pencil in hand and paper and always when i am in that mood to draw it brings me back to a youthful excitement. wonderful post!