Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Big Thank You!!

I have so thoroughly enjoyed your comments on my last two paintings. It is so much fun to paint and then share it with you! And believe it or not, I have another one finished, but you'll have to be patient...

Because today I have to say a great big THANK YOU  to three bloggers and friends, whose giveaways I have won in the last few weeks. Yes, people, I won THREE giveaways!! 
Can you believe this beautifully hand painted wooden bangle the talented Gloria of Viva La Vida made for me?! I just adore it - it has all the colors I love! Thank you so much, Gloria! Gloria, doesn't just make those beautiful bangles, but also pendants, she paints and cooks and her blog posts are always fresh and interesting!
Janine, I just love that fan you made for your giveaway! It is so creative and incredibly beautiful and it looks perfect in my studio! You'll have to visit Janine's blog, Join Janine, to see her gorgeous paintings - she is one talented lady (plus, her posts are written in both German and English)!! Thank you so much, Janine!
And then, just a little while ago, I found a new creative blog, Art of Mine, by Susan. And wouldn't you know it I arrived just when she was giving away these pretty hearts she had crocheted. Imagine my surprise today when the heart arrived in this beautiful pink pillow pouch with a few extra goodies. Thank you, Susan!! I love it!

I feel incredibly lucky!! And grateful!

And tomorrow I should have more art for you...


  1. Tolle Menschen verdienen tolle Sachen! Ich freu mich für Dich, xoxo Stefanie

  2. Congrats to YOU Silke! What a haul! I'd be enjoying my new toys through this icky weather...;-)
    Off to try and get awake and take DH to work; low wind chills so don't want to leave the car out. Hopefully studio time today.....hahaha!


  3. Congratulations on your big haul!! :-)

  4. Wow! Cool treasures dear one! Enjoy! And yes, Silke, the art is beautiful.

  5. Hi Silke,

    Ahhh so happy you received the little heart and pillow of goodies. I am happy that you liked it!

    I love the Fan and the Bangle,
    they are gorgeous!!

    Hugs to you my new friend!


  6. Hallo Silke, zur Zeit komme ich nicht dazu meine Lieblingsblogs regelmäßig zu besuchen. Heute hat es mal wieder geklappt. Dein Selbstporträt gefällt mir gut. Es ist doch nett, wenn liebe Menschen an einen denken und etwas verwöhnen. Genieße die Tage, Inge

  7. Liebe sil,e
    dieser Armreif ist ja wohl voll der Hammer!
    LG Sabine

  8. Lucky you, Silke! What fabulous goodies! Enjoy! :) Theresa

  9. Silke thank you for the shout out and you are very welcome. I appreicate it. Have a great Friday.::hugs::

  10. Congratulations, Silke! Lucky You! Those prizes are just lovely and so are you :-) Enjoy!

    (The red and black fan reminds me of a Spanish Flamingo dancer.)

  11. This is your lucky month Silke! All of your treasures are such great gifts - I also won dear Susan's little crochet heart and her precious pillow treasure - it means the world to me - she is a great lady! I am feeling bad because I am so behind in showing that gift on my blog as well. (I think I have earned the reputation for tardiness~~:(