Saturday, February 19, 2011


First of all, thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post. Several of you asked if I'll be offering the bird as a print in my shop. I will. Frankly, I have been neglecting my shops and that will be what I focus on next (wow, focus was totally the right word for me for this year!!). I'll let you know when I've updated both shops with new things...
before the felting
And now, finally I can show you a pair of the felted slippers I've been making.  I made a pair for Daniel for Christmas, then a pair for my sister (the ones shown here) and finally a pair for myself. I wanted to wait to show them on my blog until my sister had gotten hers in the mail... I had never felted before and it worked out perfectly! Mine are the reverse colors of my sister's - the base color is green and the stripes are blue. Daniel's are all blue.
all felted and finished
I bought the pattern at Pawfelt's amazing Etsy shop and just love it! I made the ankle part longer for my sister and me than in the pattern - I just like it better that way. The best part was how fast they are to knit - like making socks for a giant (I have my hand in the photos so you can see how much the size changes during the felting process)! I've worn them nearly every day while it was so cold and they have kept my feet toasty warm! Best of all - easy peasy to make!!

Well, another day of above 70℉ (21℃) today and tomorrow, so we are practically living outside, which also means less computer time... But, I will see you all again tomorrow with some garden photos - everything is exploding in the warm sunny weather!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!


  1. Love them Silke! I love felted slippers, and yes, when knitting them, it looks ridiculous! When I did my first pair all I could think was...."These will NEVER fit me....."
    They did! ;-)
    Have fun today~~enjoy the beautiful weather!!!


  2. Liebe Silke,

    das sieht gut aus
    Wir freuen uns über deine Künste.

    Liebe Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth

  3. de quoi avoir les "petous" bien au chaud tout en couleur!...

  4. They're beautiful Silke! I especially like the ones in the first photo. The blue is gorgeous!...Can't wait to see the exploding garden photos! I can sure use some real signs of Spring right about now! :-) My backyard is still full of the 'white stuff'!

  5. Beautiful! I'm still intimidated by my first knitting project, but am only halfway through it so I still have hope. I am in awe of your felted socks! -Marlene

  6. hi silke, i love your sweet slippers! lucky you, warm weather. we are hunkered down for another blizzard coming in tonight.
    have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the warm weather for me. on a good note, i haven't been sick in weeks!! yay for me!
    i will also be posting photos for the challenge tomorrow or monday.

    hugs and love to you!

  7. How cool are those! Thanks for posting the link - I love knitting socks to begin with. But felting a pair of booties would be really fun. I did one felting project prior - a witch hat. It was fun - but frightening - to watch it shrink! I am VERY happy you will be offering your bird painting as a print - I really connected with it. :) I will live your 70 degree weather vicariously - we had 38 mph winds and CHILLY temps today. And we'll be getting MORE snow tomorrow night - after about two weeks of spring thaw. Oh well! Theresa

  8. Silke, schöne Socken. Die halten die Füsse sicherlich schön warm. Die können wir hier gut gebrauchen. Bei uns ist es wieder kälter geworden. Genieße deinen Frühlings - Garten - Tag. Inge

  9. Wow, klasse geowrden. Und Deine Schwester kann die sicher gut gebruachen, hier ist es wieder so kalt geworden. Furchtbar!

  10. Love the socks! They look so incredibly cozy. And the colors are gorgeous.

    70 degrees and spring in February? What a concept! Here in Maine it is 25 degrees F this morning.

  11. felting seems like some magical process to me. i can't remember if you are knitting for the joeys, i think you are,silke: i imagine you sitting outside making and lining those pouches.

    lots going on in your neck of the woods. 70 degrees? you are probably snapping photos in your yard right now!

  12. They look so very comfy!! I would love those!! xo

  13. wow, these look great! they are so comfy looking. I so admire anyone who can knit a sock!~

  14. Great slippers, Silke! I've yet to try felting anything - same here with the weather - Spring/Easter weather! I've been spending over half my day out of doors lately and managed to get my first sunburn today LOL

    Have a wonderful week!

  15. Oooooh from someone who always has cold feet. These are beautiful!