Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Either Put Up or Shut Up!"

Exactly that thought came to me yesterday when I was thinking once again about my blog. Should I continue or not. And it occurred to me that I either have to put up or shut up. 
Here's the thing. I want my blog to be more personal and I have lots of things that I want to blog about. I compose blog posts in my head and then think: "No, I can't post that. My family reads my blog and they'll worry that I'm not doing well."
Last night I made a decision. I will continue blogging and I'll blog about whatever is on my mind. I am herewith assuring my family and friends that I am doing extremely well. I am living the life of my dreams and I love what I do every day. There is no cause to worry...ever! If there is, you'll be the first to know. :)
I'm a deep, deep thinker. I have always been a deep thinker. And I am always interested in personal growth and expansion. I look at myself very critically (with kinder critical eyes these days than in the past) and I take a lot of personal "stuff" apart in my mind to gain insight into what inspires and motivates me or into what holds me back.
I want to write about some of those topics swirling around in my mind: self acceptance, growth, body image, spirituality, fears, hopes, and dreams and more.
There are some big themes in my life that seem to be part of my overall life lesson. These themes circle around every so often and I want to write about them. I used to think of life going in circles because these old topics would come around again and again.
But then I realized that life moves in spirals more than in circles - because every time that old subject appears again, I have changed and I look at it now from a different perspective. That process is so fascinating to me and I want to share that with you.
Writing helps me get things clear in my mind and in my blog I get to write and show pretty pictures at the same time. How fun is that?! :)
All these painting snippets you see are part of the background/underpaintings of my latest paintings. I'm happy I have these photographs, because in the finished paintings not much of what was there before still shows.  And isn't that a metaphor for life?!
So, my blog will live on and it will go a little bit deeper into my inner life. And of course, I'll continue to share my art as well. It's a big part of my inner growth and happiness!

Stay tuned...

With love and gratitude,



  1. Very happy to hear that you will continue with your beautiful blog, Silke...I don't have time to comment much these days, but be assumed that your words and lovely pictures are very appreciated by me! Hope you are having a great summer xoxo

  2. Silke, I love your blog, the things you write, and your art. What you wrote today is SO right on. Years ago (before blogs) I wrote a little newsletter that I sent to friends and family. Like you, I was honest and open with my thoughts and feelings. I, too, am a deep thinker and a seeker of Truth, especially my own Inner Truth and looking at myself in a truthful way. Sometimes my words made people, even those who know me well, uncomfortable. Admitting sometimes that "there's an elephant in the room," or "the king has no clothes," is very uncomfortable, even frightening for those who choose denial. So I applaud you and hope you continue to write the way YOU want to write. I value your words. Love, Chloe

  3. Just be who you are because “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

    Now that you are expressing your true artist style, I think it would be fitting to share your true writers style too!! A perfect match wouldn't you say!

    I felt so challenged this week to write some truth without sounding blunt or crass!

    So writing does challenge us, and certainly does teach us along the way too!! I look forward to your new expressions!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I love what you said, that life goes in spirals not circles. It makes such sense! Glad you will continue to blog.

  5. I also have more recently thought of life a spiral… one which goes forward and upwards.