Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blog Hop Share

The beautiful and talented Kelly Berkey, one of my good friends I met through blogging, and a very gifted portrait painter, asked me to be part of a blog hop and share a few things about myself.

1. What am I working on?

Maybe the better question would be what I am NOT work on at the moment. It seems I've had sort of a creative explosion this year and have my fingers in all kinds of projects. A few weeks ago I started painting these really colorful animal images and that seems to have taken over my painting life with no end it sight.
I also always have knitting, crocheting, sewing and other creative projects going on. Recently I started making necklaces and bracelets from ribbon yarn and beads, which has become such a relaxing thing to do. Plus they are colorful and sparkly and what could be better than that?

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Much of what happens when I paint is intuitive and so just because of that it has to be different from paintings by other people. We each bring our unique personality and soul into our art. I love working with color. Color sparks happiness in me and so I use lots of it. I also like my work to be playful and not too realistic. Plus, I want my paintings to have a direct connection to the viewer. You'll find that most of my subjects will look directly back at you. I like that!

3. Why do I create what I do?

I'm very interested in intuitive painting and layering. And I love concrete subjects in my paintings. It used to be women's portraits, but now it has changed to animal portraits and for the first time since I started painting five years ago, it feels as though I have found my path in the arts. It combines all that I love - portraits I can connect with on a soul level, layering that allows my spirit to play and bright colors that just make me happy.
The other aspect I really enjoy about the way I work is that it's not predictable in the least. I allow my paint to drip and expand, I wipe part of it off, reapply it and I allow color to run all over the canvas. I spent much of my life in very predictable patterns and grew up in a culture that was nothing but predictable and this method of working allows my spirit to expand and grow and feel free.

4. How does my writing process work? 

My actually blog writing happens when I sit down at the computer to write. I've often thought about the topic long beforehand and I'm always composing partial blog posts in my head. Some of them will make it onto my blog and others I only needed to work things out at the moment. But the actual writing happens while I sit at the computer. I don't draft my writing and then let it sit. I write. I spellcheck. I read it out loud to myself to see if I'm making sense. I hit "publish." I'm done. :)

So, now I was supposed to find three artists who will continue this blog hop, but I have to confess that I didn't get my act together in time. This deadline sort of snuck up on me as I had a big week of shipping things out and getting stuff done.

And ... because I'm no longer a strict rule follower, I thought that instead I'll share a few blogs with you that I go to for various inspiration. Some of them are friends, some are big blogs where I have no personal connection, but all of them fill my creative well when I need it:

The Dreaming Palette: Paintings and Portals
Victoria's art blog combines her beautiful art with a lot of spirituality. Her photography alone takes me out of sometimes harsh reality and puts me right into that creative space where mere dreams can take on physical form. I've known Victoria for a long time through our blogs and her world is well worth visiting!

2 Bags Full
My friend Vicki's blog is my go to inspiration for knitting and travel and just simple beauty. Vicki makes gorgeous nests from yarns and ribbons (I have three of them around the house...) and has been the catalyst for many of my knitting projects. She also has the biggest heart and kindest spirit. She organizes the annual "Grow Your Blog Party," which has been so instrumental for beginning bloggers! Make sure you visit if you haven't yet.

Jane LaFazio's blog (recently discovered) really intrigues me with her watercolor sketches (I wish I had the patience to learn to sketch that way. Maybe some day. But more than that I love her fabric "paintings." She makes these small art quilts that just exquisite. I love the layering of fabrics, ribbons and then stitches on top. It's that layering thing again that really speaks to me...

I've followed this blog for a long time and I think this woman is living my alternate life. :) With five children on a small farm in Maine, always creative, self-sustaining, working hard, always a knitting project in hand and good food on the table. There's something that draws me to this rather simple yet full life. Not that I could ever imagine having children (let alone five!), but whenever I visit her blog I feel inspired to pay more attention to small things, to find a little magic in everything I see and experience and to pick up my knitting needles and get busy!

Down to Earth
Another blog that advocates the simple life. I have followed this blog for many years as well and it inspires me on many levels with recipes, simple sewing and knitting projects, articles on living more simply, connecting to the seasons, good food, etc. Whenever life seems to get too complicated and busy, that's where I go for a deep breath and grounding.

This blog by a woman in England, is happiness to my soul. She crochets and she crochets in bright colors. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, when my spirit feels a little colorless, that's where I go for my splash of happy! She blogs about her life with photos of her surroundings and her colorful home. It is delightful in so many ways. She inspired me to crochet my first blanket and other little projects. If you need a splash of color in your life, if you love to crochet (there are lots of free tutorials) or simply want to see some beautiful photos, go visit Attic24!

As you can see, I get my inspiration from many places and in different ways. I could list many more blogs, but I'll leave you with these. You'll like them if you decide to visit.

I hope you've enjoyed this little question and answer post. Although I'm not sure if I told you anything new about myself.

Happy Weekend, everyone!!



  1. Thanks for the cool art blog links to check out! The only one I already know is Victoria and I agree -- her blog is GORGEOUS.

  2. Massive hugs and sparkles to you Silke.What a beautiful journey you ahve shared!! I always enjoy reading about your journey..your process and your intuitive connection to art! You are always an inspiration to me..and it was you( I am sure I told you way back when) that inspired me to blog and why I started to share my art for the first time.hugs!!

    I love all of your gorgeous works here, the colors are magnificent and they are all so soulful and bewildering! Thank you for such beautiful words..I am deeply touched and honored you'd think of little ol me!

    HUgs and blessings dear friend!!

  3. looks like you are up to all sorts of interesting and very colorful projects! What fun when the creative bug hits!

  4. such a wonderful post of awesome artists. Thank you for sharing....

  5. What a pleasure to meet you, Silke! I love your art *and* other creative endeavors. We seem like kindred spirits in that light ~ so many varied projects ~ never a dull moment!

    Now … off to visit the blogs that your shared …