Monday, June 24, 2013

So much to tell!

Well, I was on blog break again, but this time due to travel. Daniel and I took a few days and drove down to Clearwater Beach (near Tampa) in Florida where we rented a little beach cottage. The drive from Savannah was only six hours and we totally fell in love with this area.
The biggest surprise of moving to Georgia has been how much we love Florida. We didn't know anything about it really and it has surprised us every step of the way.
We have so many photos that I decided to just show them to you in little bits so as not to overwhelm you. These are just a few from our first evening there exploring the beach that was just steps away from where we were staying.
It was warm and humid and perfect!

Don't you love the life guard stations?
It was nice to see that the beach front wasn't overly developed. There were some hotels and condos but also long stretches of single family homes.
The sand was white and oh so soft! We loved walking across the beach to one of the many restaurants for dinner.
We only visited the pier once but the view from it was really nice.
A "serene" photo of me. What you can't tell is that I was quietly sweating after walking on the beach for a good while.
Which is why it was great that after this, we headed to an excellent gelato place for some delicious ice cream.

More tomorrow! I also have lots of art to show you and other things. Expect to hear from me regularly again...

I hope you are all doing well and can't wait to visit your blogs!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    ich freue mich über deinen wunderschönen Post.

    Alles Liebe

  2. Ich hoffe, du hast dich gut erholt liebe Silke ♥
    LG Sabine

  3. Clearwater Beach and Indian Rocks - now that brings back some memories! In 1999, my then husband and I spent a wonderful two weeks in Florida. Our base was in Tampa with friends, but we also visited other places. Some days were spent in Clearwater on the beach; there were some cordoned off areas for the sea turtles' nests. I remember how impressed I was of the peaceful atmosphere, and how clean everything was!
    I got stung by a sting ray but it was my fault (I accidentally stepped on him while he was half-buried in the sand on the ground), and I recovered very quickly, was able to walk around again with no difficulty the very next day.

  4. Even sweat looks good on you! What a beautiful beach. You took a lot of fabulous shots. What a lovely life you have made.

    **happy smiles**

  5. Liebe Silke,

    die Sandburg auf dem ersten Bild erinnert mich an die Zeiten am Strand, als der Große noch klein war und mit mir baden gefahren ist und wir dann riesige Bauobjekte kreiert haben. Jetzt fährt er schon eine Weile nicht mehr mit, den 16-Jährige mögen es nicht, wenn Mamas FKK-Anhänger sind.

    Fröhliche Grüße