Monday, August 6, 2012

Underpainting and Rocket Launch!

After two days in the kitchen cooking and baking, last night I had the overwhelming desire to paint again. I had the feeling this might happen. Being in the kitchen always sorts everything out for me.
So, this morning I sat down and did this underpainting. I worked for about an hour and it felt like five minutes - that's what I love about painting: getting totally lost in the process!
So far so good. This afternoon I'll start working over her with some color. Oh, and I LOVE painting on the plaster of paris. What a great texture. So smooth. 

Now, something completely different because the Mars Rover Curiosity successfully landed on Mars a few hours ago. 
You can see my dad and me in the crowd of spectators
Daniel, my dad and I were lucky enough to witness the launch of the rocket that would take the rover to Mars on November 26, 2011.
It was one of those bigger than life moments!
And then it took off!
We watched it for a good long while before the first sound waves reached us.
 What a roar! You could feel it!
It was amazing!
 And back then we talked about how long it would take for it to reach Mars.
And now it has landed and is sending the first images back to earth. Incredible!! 

Daniel did a beautiful little watercolor sketch of the launch. Click here and it will take you to his sketch blog. 

Wishing you a Magical Monday!!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    deine Zeichnungen sind lebendig.
    Das bewundere ich immer wieder.

    Sonnige Grüße

  2. This new girl is coming along so nicely Silke!! Cannot wait to see her all done! I am happy to hear cooking helped!

    How exciting to see the rocket launch! :)

  3. "when haley came to jackson in 1910!"

    do you know this song by mary chapin carpenter? it is a favorite of mine and it reminds me so much of the wonder you describe.

    i think you will love hearing it, silke.

    now what is this woman thinking? why are her eyes closed, her lips turned downward? this is the fun part of seeing your women present themselves!