Thursday, August 9, 2012

Totally in love!

I know we artists have a tendency to forever criticize our own work, but not with this one. I cannot believe this came out of my paintbrush!
I'm so in love with this painting that I keep staring at it!
I'm not sure if it's done yet, but it's definitely done enough to let it sit for a bit to see if it needs anything else.
The background is beautifully textured plaster of paris and I think I want that to be a little more visible. But I'm not sure yet.
Protected (in progress)
12 x 24 inch acrylic painting on canvas
I may just leave it as is.

Tomorrow Daniel gets back from his trip out to California where he attended a conference and visited with his sister. It's been very quiet around here and I cannot wait to have him back! We'll get to spend a few days together and then I'm off to Germany. It's a busy summer...

Wishing you a beautiful Thursday! I hope all is well with all of you!!



  1. Liebe Silke,

    das sind wieder Meisterwerke.

    Alles Liebe


  2. It's a lovely painting, Silke. You should be most proud. Lots of amazing detail!

  3. Wow, this one's spectacular!! You keep staring at it, and it stares back! So dramatic and lovely! I guess your dry spell is over. ☺

  4. Dear Silke, that is truly a masterpiece you have every right to be proud of, and the title fits it so very well.

  5. so so beautiful

    full of depth and tenderness.


  6. I love this one, it's amazing! Have a lovely weekend!