Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Painting in Progress

Most of you know how much I love texture in my paintings, whether it is through a layer of paper collage, different grounds or molding pastes. Some of my paintings are on plain canvas, but not many. 

I thought I'd show you this little painting in progress as it's kind of fun. I painted a layer of molding paste on a little clay board. These gessoed clay boards are super smooth, so I like to add a little something when I use one of them. 
While the molding paste was still wet, I took one of my stamps and stamped into it. Today, before doing my underpainting of the girl, I smeared on a little powdered graphite to bring out the pattern so I can see it better. I like it!!

So now I have the textured pattern on the left and even the brushstrokes from applying the molding paste that are adding interest to the painting for me.

We are expecting an afternoon of storms and rain so I foresee more cozy studio time... I'm not complaining! But for now I am meeting a friend at our favorite cafe.... In fact, you might enjoy her blog - she sews, quilts, knits, crochets, felts, and she's a potter! Have a click here to take look at her very creative world...

Wishing you a terrific Thursday!


  1. She is already looking beautiful Silke, look forward to seeing her complete. Annette x

  2. you are having so damn much fun. if we were in summer camp i would want you in my cabin!