Sunday, November 13, 2011


The proud artist and some of her work... :-)
We went to the print studio open house on Friday and it was fun seeing everyone there with their print work. Some students were doing demos and we got to visit with people we hadn't seen in a while.

Lately, so much has happened in my circle of friends that has got me thinking about what is really important. It also had me realize how much I have in my life to be grateful for! So, I decided that my word for next year, what I really want to focus on, is gratitude.

And then I thought: "Why wait until next year?" So, starting immediately, I am going to add five things I am grateful for at the end of every blog post. And if I have nothing else to blog about that day, I will still post the gratitude list.

Connected with that I have decided to really focus on my blog and yours much more than I had this previous year. I have realized again these last few weeks just what a very special community we have here. We are kindred spirits who would (probably) not have found each other without the internet. It truly amazes me.

So, in the new year (I won't have time before then as we'll be traveling a bit and then visiting family) there will be some fun changes to my blog and you'll see me around much more visiting yours!


Today, I am grateful for:

  1. being able to sit on our back porch in the sunshine
  2. being able to enjoy the day with Daniel
  3. having talked with my sister this morning
  4. being connected to all of you
  5. my cold feeling much better this morning


  1. Oh Silke, das stimmt! Und ich bin zum Beispiel dankbar wieder da zu sein. Ich hab Euch alle sehr vermisst! Aber ebenso dankbar war ich auch für die tollen Tage in Marroko!

  2. Silke, I used to keep a gratitude journal. Thank you for your post because I'm going to start another one. I too am grateful for meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world. The Internet has become such a terrific venue for meeting new people, reading about their lives, country, traditions and their attitudes.

    Right now, as I type these words, I'm grateful for you being part of my circle of wonderful people. Muchas Gracias.


  3. Hello Silke!!!! what a wonderful time.....I wish I was at that event with you!!!! I love that our grateful for all of the amazing things in your life....we wake and make sure we talk about what we are grateful for....and end the day the same way......

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!!!!

  4. I love gratitude, it is how I pray. What a wonderful way to start the new year early. You will always be my special blog friend, having left my first comment on my first post ever for that you are precious to me. Have a good day.

  5. What a great idea about the 5 things to be grateful for. And nice, too, to see you at the artist, among artists. :-]

  6. Du siehst richtig stolz aus auf dem Foto.
    LG Sabine

  7. Dieses Gefühl der Dankbarkeit, das kenne ich! Es ist da, fast jeden Tag, dass mein Leben so geworden ist, dass es so viele glückliche Momente und so viel inneren Frieden gibt jetzt.
    War schön mit dir zu telefonieren. Freue mich schon sehr auf Dezember!!! Can´t wait to see you!!!! Love, Caro

  8. Dear Silke,
    you are right, and I thank every morning for my most loved people, and for being here. Also through the day I am reminded of how fortunate I am.
    And that goes as well for being here in this blogging world. I am more than grateful, for all the friendship and love I have met after starting my blog, and I hope I will alwayes be able to visit, and connect with all the wonderful persons I have met, you being one of them- even we don`t talk that much :)
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  9. Dear Silke,
    I like the way that you think!
    Listing what you are grateful for, that's a lovely idea.

  10. Beautiful post, I think gratitude is a wonderful word to focus on I think I will make it my word for the next year too.
    Love the prints below and could not agree with you more about being grateful for all things not just the happy ones. xoxo

  11. Love that photo of you and your work. Gratitude is a good word to keep in mind.
    Safe travels!