Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Sister's Blog

Can you tell who this is?! :) She sent this to me for my birthday!
I haven't introduced a new blog in a while and this one is super special to me. It's my sister's!! Sometime last summer, Caroline decided to pick up a pencil and start drawing - just like I did a couple of years ago.
Like me, she never did any art before and, wow, isn't she good?!?  She and I both signed up for the Gritty Jane workshop "Portraits and Papers," which I think is just so exciting. While I haven't done anything yet, Caroline has been working her way through some of the exercises and I'm totally impressed!!
And I'm happy that she started her blog "Kunstversuch" (An Experiment in Art), which has been a well-guarded secret until now...
With two energetic young boys and a full-time teaching job, she doesn't have much time to write, but she regularly posts her art, her kids' art and her beautiful photography.
The blog world is amazing, isn't it? It allows us all to be in touch so closely no matter how far apart we live. And when I see Caroline's photos from her backyard and around Germany, I feel like I just visited yesterday...
So, please go visit her blog and say hello! Her English is excellent, so feel free to leave comments for her even if you don't speak German and welcome her to this amazing blogging community... Simply click here and it'll take you to her blog!


  1. WOW! It looks like there's another real talent in your family!! :-)

  2. The talent runs in both sisters. I'll pop over and welcome your sister to the blogging community, it is always fun to get comments.

  3. How fun is this Silke, having your sister be a blogging buddy...Her work is beautiful I will have to pop over and say hello!

  4. oh how wonderful to meet your sister...and I see that talent runs in the family!!!! lovely artwork and photos Silke...and that last one with the clouds and that sunny bloom...gorgeous.....

  5. How wonderful that you and your sister can both enjoy making art and blogging, too! Talent definitely runs in your family.

  6. Hi Silke - I will certainly take some time and go to visit your sisters blog! How fun is this!

    Also - I just left a little notice on my blog facebook page about your awesome contest!