Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So, yesterday's post on planning and lists and following those got some interesting and helpful responses. Thank you!! 
And ... as it so often happens, I checked in with a wonderful blog from Australia called Down To Earth, a blog about a simpler life with lots of really useful info (I regularly make their laundry powder). While I will never have the same simple lifestyle Rhonda and her husband have, just visiting her blog makes me breathe deeper and slow down. And it always inspires me!
Today I came upon one of her posts called "Daily and weekly routines." Click here if you want to read it. In it she talks about her very flexible routine and planning, and she also talks about the issue many of us have with feeling guilty if we knit or do anything that is useful, but at the same time really fun for us. A perfect post for me yesterday!!
It also reminded me how much I love to be in our kitchen and how cooking or baking completely centers me. Last night, I totally enjoyed making the spice rub for steak we were grilling,
and prepping the asparagus and grape tomatoes for roasting (8 to 10 minutes at 450℉- yum!), tossing them by hand in olive oil and a little bit of sea salt.
And I can't believe what joy it gives me wearing the apron I sewed last summer,
and the using the dish cloths I knitted. Soon I'll have to make more as these are starting to become a little stained and worn. Plus, I have another apron all cut out and just have to get busy sewing.
Once again I was reminded that it's really the little things that bring me pleasure and comfort. They are so much more important than any to-do-list could ever be! And in the end, (almost) everything gets done anyway... with or without a list.

More and more I want to live an inspired life rather than an organized one! And I think that's alright.


  1. Deinem letzten Satz kann ich mich nur anschleßen:-)

  2. Ich wünschte, ich würde gerne kochen. Das würde vieles einfacher machen!

  3. Die kleinen Dinge bringen oft Freude in unser Leben, leider viel zu oft vernachlässigt im alltäglichen Trott. Ich finde es auch oft schwer auszusteigen und mir Zeit für mich und meine Bedürfnisse zu nehmen - man/frau sollte es öfter mal üben bzw. einfach tun...da stimme ich dir zu. Wünsche dir inspirierende Tage - liebe Grüße aus good old Germany, Inge

  4. Love the post Silke!
    That is essentially the same laundry powder recipe I use (except for this last time when I did something in the soap grating process and had a mess-for-days...LOL!) and it is so much better than commercial soap.
    Ummmmmm.......how much would I have to beg for that dishcloth pattern? I had it, knit a couple, and promptly lost the thing.
    Begging....most humbly.....on knees.... (can't get up!)
    Life is to enjoy all the moments, not plan them into boxes, yes?


  5. I have missed you so. My life has not been simple of late. I know you know my heart visits you and sends you blessings. Thanks for understanding. I am blessed to know you, dear. Sending love, AMy

  6. Great post Silke! And you know I feel the same! I always put pressure on myself to be super productive and very organized but I have never been those things! lol And i need to be kinder to myself! I too agree that the simple things are what bring the most joy.


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