Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Faded and Perfect!

This is my favorite time for our hydrangea flowers, when they fade into this muted beauty!
That's when I want to photograph them most and preserve them somehow forever more!
Daniel cut off a huge bunch of them and I have them drying in the house now.
Maybe I'll try drawing or painting them.
Not sure yet, but I want to make them last for just a little bit longer...


  1. I agree with you-they are so beautiful when they fade and you can make big dried bouquets with them!

  2. Dearest Silke...aren't they absolutely gorgeous...sort of sepia-tinted! Ours are only now just flowering so this stage is a way off...but I agree with you, just stunning. You have a true artist's eye, to see the beauty in everything. Happy day to you xoxo Rachel

  3. Hydrangeas are at their best for me, when they have reached this stage - now they are perfection...

  4. I love hydrangeas too!! These are so gorgeous! And the muted tones are so nice!! :)

  5. Hydrangeas are so beautiful as they age.
    I think in my *next life* I want to be a hydrangea!!! :-D
    Beautiful photos Silke!

    Anne...dodging a t-storm...shouldn't be on here! LOL! ZZzzzzzzzztttt!!!

  6. Yours are beautiful, to me this is when they are most perfect. Have a beautiful day.

  7. Magic, magic, magic, everywhere, here. Blessings and so glad you had a lovely time! Love, Amy

  8. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, Silke. They are so beautiful. I have clipped them off many times and they always turn brown for me. What is the secret to keeping some of that pretty color?
    These are beautiful photographs.
    ♥ audrey

  9. Eine klassische Schönheit unter den Blüten. LG Inge

  10. i do this too.

    blue hydrangeas and pink roses together stir my heart !

    have fun,


  11. Hortensien sind einfach wunderschön!

  12. I adore hydrangeas, too. They truly are such a magical flower. :) Ours are getting ready to pop - can't wait to see the color!!! :)

  13. So beautiful- I love dried hydrangeas- these photos are gorgeous--