Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emergence III

Remember this eye from an earlier post? Well - it totally changed from the one above to the one below.

It all happened when I added silver leaf to the painting below, a piece of art lovely in and of itself.
I looked at it with some of the silver leaf adhered and suddenly I had a very different image in my head that wanted to be expressed. 
So, the colors changed, I antiqued some of the silver, added layers of texture, added more silver leaf, had paint dripping and spattering, went over some areas with graphite to bring out the texture and totally got lost in the process of adding and subtracting and balancing. 

The resulting painting fills me with joy and feels totally connected to who I am. 

Emergence III
Mixed media painting on 11 x 14 inch wrapped canvas
During the process I was thinking about my art and how it is becoming more "me." I am realizing that the paintings I am most drawn to in others and in my own art are those that have a certain amount of power, that make a statement.

I have now painted over every canvas I own on which I had painted something cute. Cute isn't me. Too sweet isn't me (just ask Daniel...). Sentimental isn't me. Vintage isn't me. Frilly isn't me. Even as a child I was a tomboy. In my clothes, I prefer clean lines, timeless styles, no frills and definitely no tiny patterns. The same with how we decorate our home.

And now that I am truly starting to express myself in my art, more and more those paintings or drawings are reflections of the very unique blend that is me.

There is still a sweetness about her, she has a kind face ... and at the same she emerges with the unshakeable knowledge of who she is!


  1. Metamorphosis is certainly an apt word to apply to you & your art! This creative process is taking you further into who you really are, or at least, that is how it seems to me. I think it's a wonderful aspect of our time in life that we can become much clearer on who we are and what we want. Kudos for you for taking the journey and for allowing us to share that journey with you! This is a spectacular piece of art from a spectacular woman! ☺

  2. silke, you are so right how you've evolved to have a style that is true to you. i too feel like my paintings are now reflecting my inner muse. we seem to be on the same journey at the same time, which is beautiful!

    gorgeous. soulful work and i can hear your delight with it in your post!
    much love!

  3. It is a good thing to know yourself so well, it takes work though and it isn't easy. Way to go.

  4. The feeling of her eyes changed with each transformation and the last look is my favorite. Just lovely.

  5. She is *you* know that, don't you??? :-)
    Beautiful Silke.
    Very proud of you!


  6. Love, love, love the layers. And these pod shapes are so very intriguing. Just continue to paint what you feel, you are on the right track...

  7. Liebe Silke,

    ich danke dir für deine Treue
    und Zuverlässigkeit.

    Alles Liebe
    Angela und Elisabeth

  8. Hallo Silke,
    ich gebe Beth recht.
    Mit deinem letzten Bild machst du dem Namen deines Blogs richtig Ehre.
    Gefällt mir sehr gut
    Liebe Geüße

  9. Silke she is beautiful! I am so happy for you that you are evolving as an artist into your own! I still struggle with this but as you know it is all a process.

    Love this piece!


  10. Dear lovely Silke. I agree with Beth. So glad to have seen the transformation in your artwork. Beautiful creations!

  11. Sehr schön, liebe Silke.
    LG aus dem verregneten Kiel

  12. Silke, she's lovely, I love her magical embracing pose. You always create such deep faces piercing through life sharing love and beauty! Keep going your on a roll!

  13. Liebe Silke,
    ich finde Deine Bilder wunderschön. Ich habe länger hier gelesen und finde es wunderschön hier. Ich komme wieder.
    Einen guten Wochenanfang wünscht

  14. She's beautiful, Silke. I love the dramatic changes you made to her. Can't wait to see the changes you made to your other girls, too.

  15. Wow, Silke. She is a beauty. The changes you made are perfect. You really do have a style that is all your own and it comes through in all your work. Lovely. And, once again, I can hear the happiness in you through the words you've posted.
    ♥ audrey

  16. She does have a very still and calm face.
    I imagine this to be who you are...
    HAPPY MONDAY Silke...thanks for popping by!

  17. Oh the continued JoY of watching a true artist discover herself! You delight me. **kisses** Deb

  18. Silke- she is so lovely- the silver wash is a great effect. Her face is so haunting- I feel that she sees us all- you paint life into your portraits- you have great talent my friend--

  19. this is so beautiful silke, just a gorgeous painting! so glad your having fun while creating!