Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something amazing happened...

... on this May Day, right after I took the previous photos. Daniel was sitting on the back porch, when suddenly one of the wrens was hopping around him, very agitated and screeching. Daniel thought he'd better see what was going on.
When he got to the front porch, he saw that the baby wrens were leaving the nest and that our very lazy cat, Ramses, was outside and taking an definite interest. So, we got the cat inside (and were so happy that Mama wren went and got Daniel's attention) and spent the next good bit of time watching something wonderful!
As the babies left the nest, Mama wren guided them to shrubs and bushes with a worm in her beak as an incentive.
She brought them by the side of our house and straight through the fence into our backyard, which apparently they view as safe (at this point, we confined both Winslow and Ramses to the house).
There, she proceeded to show them how to move between the slats of the fence.
All tired out, the babies settled down under a few ivy leaves.
And Mama wren sat, preened,
and sang her heart out. I think she was calling for her mate, who appeared at some point and helped with the herding of the babies. They would each get a worm, put it in one of the babies beaks, pull it out again and hop away for the babies to follow. Fascinating to watch!
They are ADORABLE!! And as they were hopping around and trying to jump and fly up onto the fence, we counted them. We thought there were three, then we saw another and yet another.
FIVE babies and all of them cute as buttons!
You can click on any of the photos to see them larger.
We are smitten!
And all plans we might have had for today went straight out the window...
Happy May Day to all of us!!


  1. The mesmerizing pull of seeing new life. So sweet. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh! How wonderful that your camera was at the ready!!! That was a really special catch! :-]

  3. Wonderful...we have so many Red Tails around our house right now building nests ....can´t wait for baby time too.

  4. Das ist ja total süß!!!! Auch der vorherige Post.
    LG Sabine

  5. Baby wrens are the cutest things on the face of the earth!!!
    Oh you are SO LUCKY to have them where you can watch and record the little ones exploring what must be a massive world to them!
    Those stubby little tails and then the fluffy baby look that has not quite disappeared....
    I'm glad you took the time to get shots of this~~WONDERFUL!!!


  6. Ahh so sweet, lucky you getting to see that up close.


    Micki x

  7. Oh thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful photos!!

  8. Silke- how wonderful for you both! This is nature at it's finest- right outside your window. We often sit on our porch and see the same sights. Another reason why I love spring so!
    Ps- I am quite sure that Ramses was only hoping to get a closer view!

  9. Silke, these pictures are beautiful. You saw mine of the babies. I just checked on them again. I'm waiting for the mother to attack me. When I talked to them they stick their heads up and open their mouths. I wish they weren't so high up so I could get better pictures. I have your blog on my blog. It's great.

  10. Silke,

    What a wonderful story about your Wrens and the pictures of them are great.
    We had a Wren family live in our flower basket last year and we helped to save one of their little babies that was terribly dehydrated laying on the edge of our driveway...we gave it some liquid in a tiny dropper and put it back in it's nest. The mom took over from there little "cheep cheep" as I named him was well enough to learn the life of a Wren with his Mama then.

    Hugs and Smiles,


  11. What a smart little wren to warn you so you would put your kitty in the house. It must have been captivating to spend your day watching these little ones learn some of the ways of the world. I hope they don't break your heart. thanks for sharing.

  12. How wonderful! And they look so very cute! Hope Ramses isn't too miffed at having to stay in the house...

  13. How exciting! I would have done the same as you, I couldn't stop watching them!
    Happy May Silke!

  14. wonderful story, congrats for the photos!

  15. What a fun sight to see! Great way to kick off the month of May. Thanks for sharing your story & photos.

  16. What a great May day gift to you.

  17. I would have been just as smitten! And spent the day watching the little creatures as well. Thanks for reminding me what's important.

  18. Good morning, oh beautiful one! That is just the sweetest post. Four more weeks of school and I will have my mind back to myself for a bit! I have missed you. **kisses** Deb

  19. How beautiful! What little sweeties. What a wonderful gift for May Day! Theresa