Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning...

Somehow I have gotten out of the habit of carrying our camera with me and constantly snapping pictures of interesting tidbits for my blog. But last weekend, I did get a photo of this decaying mushroom in the midst of the never-ending mess the squirrels are making right now. I know it's kind of gross, but I loved all the textures together.
The same goes for this dead leaf - it looked to me like a piece of textured fabric. Isn't it cool? Well, sort of?
These I spied while I was watching Daniel wrestle with a dead branch on one of our trees. After much sawing, 
finally, the branch fell and our tree looked much better. 
In other news, I blocked two of my new scarves and will be able to take pictures tomorrow after things dry out a bit. We are having an unsettled and stormy day today (it's rumbling outside as I type this), which means I'll probably be off the computer most of the day.

But if and when I can, I'll be visiting your blogs! Hope you are doing well and are enjoying a good start into this week!!


  1. Happy Monday! ☺ I'll be emailing you soon.

  2. Silke, I love that you have your own perspective on the world. I don't know that the mushroom or the leaf would have even caught my attention, but now...I see the textures!! Thank you!

  3. Cool pictures Silke! And up here in NY we are having a rainy day today . . . so I hope to get to painting! :)

  4. Love the textures and colors.The leaf is from a Hosta, isn't it? I like taking close ups of odd things that are past their prime---makes it interesting to view from a different perspective.
    I am off to a day of studio work, interspersed with some guys coming to cut down the old satelite dish (yeah, the big monster type) and then run a few errands.
    I'd rather be knitting...... ;)


  5. Loving all those textures, especially the second photo, it looks like an angel wing!!

    Micki x

  6. I agree with Micki, it does resemble an angel wing. Beautiful pics~

  7. OOOooooooo I think the piece of wood looks like a bird wing! I have been thinking the same thing, that I need to take my camera out on my morning walk again! Be safe in the storm. **blows kisses** Deb

  8. Yay such gorgeous finds...a kindred..I get lost in the beauty of looking and finding such treasures! No one wants to go walking or hiking with me anymore ha ha..for i stop too much dazzled by such things!! They are beauties Silke..enjoy!!OOh.. I'd love the grab that branch and make some wands of autumn!
    enjoy you week..

  9. The leaf is lovely, isn't it amazing the beauty in the small things around us. I love rumbly stormy days we don't get those in CA. I miss them. Enjoy yourself.

  10. I see an elephant in the second photo and a giant bunny in the 3rd. Strange what your mind does.

    Great shots.

  11. Liebe Silke, das kenne ich gut, mit der Kamera in jeden Winkel *kriechen* und die schöönsten Dinge finden - ist es nicht zauberhaft , was es alles zu endecken gibt, wenn man durch den *Sucher* schaut :-))) Wir hatte hier heute auch einen grauen Regentag, es ist halt Herbst...

    Liebste grüße zu Dir

  12. Yup. I'm a texture gal myself. It is sunny and quite chilly here. Stay safe. See you when you're back on the puter!

  13. there is such beauty in nature!

    hope you cozied up with your hubby and enjoyed the stormy weather!


  14. What a gorgeous leaf! There are so many treasures to find in fall. :) Can't wait to see your new scarves - I'll bet they are lovely. That stormy weather is headed our way, unfortunately. Hopefully, it won't stay long. Theresa