Monday, September 20, 2010

Knitting Projects...

First of all, thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my last post. You touched both me and my dad!! I'm glad you liked both of my maidens - so do I!

Now, as promised, my latest completed knitting projects. First, a scarf where I combined this feathery purple yarn I had with a pink ladder ribbon yarn - I cannot tell you how soft this scarf is! {sold}
And I love the little flecks of pink in it from the ladder yarn. It's all very glamorous!
Then a very lacy scarf knitted from a blue and emerald green ladder ribbon yarn from Italy. {sold}
And if you look closely in this next photo, you can see a super thin gold thread that gives the whole scarf added elegance. Plus, those colors are so beautiful!
Same yarn, different colors and no metallic thread, but oh so very pretty! {sold}
Now something completely different. What a yarn!! It's a wool boucle yarn from Italy and has the most wonderful colors and texture. I have to be careful not to knit only items in "my" colors. So, here's one of those - greens, purples and browns.
Scrumptious!! Plus, I like knitting an item once in while that can be worn by men as well. Don't want to leave out the guys...
And, finally one of my faves! When I was in Germany, my aunt had several skeins of this gorgeous German wool yarn for me and I had to knit something with it immediately when I got back.
The beret was only a little complicated at first, but well worth the initial head-scratching and re-doing. It looks so cute!
And the scarf I knit in a half-rib pattern that brings out the great thick and thin quality of the yarn. I love this set so much that I am knitting one for myself as well. The first set was for my little Etsy store.
In fact, that is where you can find all of these and more. Simply click here.

And, just because, for all my loyal blog readers who would like to purchase one of the items, I'd love to give you a 20% discount in my Etsy knitting store through the end of September. Just mention "blog" in the message to seller section when checking out and I'll refund your 20% through PayPal.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I've been knitting some more and soon I'll have new creations to show you. But for now, I'm off to visit your blogs!


  1. Beautiful yarns and creations my friend. LOVE seeing these photographed. That scarf and hat set is just stunning - what a PERFECT color for you - you look beautiful wearing that!


  2. Looks like you've really been busy! I love the one with the different greens. So pretty!! I already hearted that one, and the purple one in your etsy shop!! Never know when someone will need a gift! Have a good day Silke. I'm off to work on my scarf too!

  3. Silke these are all so beautiful!! I love the colors and textures in these scarfs! The yarns are so pretty! Great work!


  4. How busy you've been! Beautiful colours and textures - sometimes I wish we had seasons here to wear such lovely things! You make a super model!

  5. These are WONDERFUL! What amazing colors and textures. Just beautiful my multi-talented friend.

  6. Beautiful! my goodness you look so pretty in the pink beret and scarf, it's good your making a set for you. I love making berets too(although i think my daughters own them all, better make one for me now!).
    lovely post Silke!
    ♥ lori

  7. wow! you model this wonderful beret and scarf just perfectly! i think it's your smile that pulls it all together.

    i can't believe how many mediums you excel at, silke. i'm including cooking and baking in this long list of talents. i want to touch the yarns. i KNOW how soft that first first scarf is!

    i have a few of your back posts to catch up on. not a bad assignment one bit!


  8. These pieces are all lovely, but I think I'm partial to the beret & scarf set! You know I love that color!

  9. Gorgeous! Yes, yes, yes! And the beret is adorable! Winter cannot come fast enough. :D

  10. These are all so beautiful Silke! Hope you had a great day!

    Love, C

  11. What an adorable picture of you Silke! You are a doll in all that pink and so multi-talented!!

  12. Oh these are absolutely beautiful! You are so gifted...I love all of them!!''Blessings....
    xoxo Gert

  13. Love the ladder ribbon scarves! Fleissige Fingerchen!

  14. What lovely scarves you made, Silke. I just love the purple color! It's almost time to be wearing scarves and hats again - I can hardly wait ;-)

  15. Beautiful creations Silke..gorgeous..and lovely photos of you..looks fantastic!

  16. Beautiful! I just bought my step-daughter a 'project a day' yarn calendar for Christmas. (my only pre-shopping so don't be impressed - ha!)

    I've never been able to master this craft but I'm always impressed when people do it so well.

    These look luscious and soft.

  17. Very lovely creations! You look so lovely in your knit hat and scarf. The color is amazing for you. :) Theresa

  18. How adorable are you in your beret!!! Perfect! You know how much I love your ribbon scarves. They are such a mystery to me, the intricate weaving with those tiny little threaded spots. You have been a busy little bee since returning home. Send me some energy please and thank you very much.
    **kisskiss** Deb