Friday, July 3, 2009

A Beach Adventure

Yesterday morning, Daniel and I went to the beach for a couple of hours. The beach was pretty empty, the breeze warm and the calm ocean very inviting. We put up our beach chairs and sun umbrellas in a spot with nobody around and went for a swim. The water is at a perfect temperature right now, just over 80 degrees, where it's still refreshing, but you can also stay in for a long time without getting cold.
When we got back out, a huge group of people with many small children had set up camp right next to us, which was fine - they spent their time splashing in the water with their kids. We got our books out and started reading and then many things happened at the same time - it was like a scene out of a comedy!

The life guards were arriving and driving right by us with a tractor with a trailer attached, a truck pulling a jet ski on a trailer and one of those vehicles, with which they patrol the beaches. Right next to us, the truck got stuck in the sand, spinning it's wheels and all vehicles stopped for everyone to assess the situation. Before long, a huge backhoe joined them (not 10 feet from us) to pull the truck out of the sand. We were both fascinated by such commotion on a usually quiet beach...

At the same time, Daniel let me know that there were dolphins swimming by. I quickly got out the camera to get a picture and caught one - well, sort of.
The backhoe was still laboring next to us -- and suddenly, there was a military plane above us with soldiers parachuting from it, something that was repeated at least six more times.

A few minutes after all the excitement, the truck finally got unstuck, all vehicles moved and peace was restored once again. It's never boring at the beach, that's for sure!

You are probably wondering if I am working on more art... Well, yes, I am ! It's taking me a little longer than expected to finish this piece, but I'm having fun experiment with some molding paste. You'll see the outcome soon...

For now, I wish all of you in the US a Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Here I was expecting to hear of a quiet afternoon for you at the beach, some nice snoozing and musing - but kids, dolphins and parachutes? just what kind of beaches do you have over there, missy?

  2. Too funny!

    Happy 4th!

  3. What a busy beach experience! Here the sun finally came out for a bit today -- a time for rejoicing. It may rain tomorrow, but I think on Sunday I can make my way up the Coast to my own favorite beach. Hope you can join me at Reid sometime in the not-too-distant future!

  4. So much for a quiet day at the beach. But you can't say you were not entertained. What an adventure!

  5. Ahhh! I miss the beach! Beautiful photos. Silke, I created a new special award and you are one of its first recipients. Will you please do me the honor of accepting it? Thanks.

  6. sounds like a wonderfully serene day at the beach.....hee hee! wishing you a fun 4th! :)

  7. Never a dull moment!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Phew, what a day you had!! I've just come over from Tessa's blog and enjoyed reading about your beach escapades!! What a lovely blog - I'll be back to read more!

  9. WOW...Lots of beach stuff!!!

    When you get a chance, stop by, I gave you the Primo Meme Award.

  10. Oh my goodness. Moments of absolute chaos - on land, in the sea and in the air - all of which eventually abated and you could lay back and enjoy the peace again. That was so funny, Silke!

  11. So much for a tranquil beach trip! That is too funny.

  12. Sounds like a typical day for us too!! Chaos usually follows us around...