Sunday, March 31, 2019

Big Changes

Friends, I have not blogged in soooo long. The reason is that I started working full-time again. A position opened up at the same art school (Savannah College of Art and Design), where Daniel teaches and it sounded too perfect for me to not go for it. I'm now an academic adviser for graduate students and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute so far.
Poster-sized color pencil drawing for Norm's, a restaurant  in Yakima, WA. 
I work with a fantastic team of women, am surrounded by art and get to work with students, administrators and professors. I feel like I'm completely in my element!
24 x 30 inch painting, commissioned by a client in France
At the same time when I started working last fall, I had a solo exhibit for which I created some bigger piece of art. It was a very busy time!

The bear painting is older, but I changed it some for the exhibit and like it much better now.  During the opening, I sold quite a few pieces, so I created these three to take their place.

During the months of November and December, Daniel and I had three deaths in the family, all in our generation, which was very hard on both of us and our families. Two of them had been seriously ill for a short period of time and the third death was completely unexpected. It derailed both of us for some time, always waiting for more bad news, but the arrival of spring with it's new growth has helped put life in perspective again.
Because of all of this change, I haven't spent a lot of time in my studio, nor have I blogged at all. I've thought about deleting my blog, but somehow that doesn't feel right at all. So, I'll just go with the flow and see where life, my art and my connection to you takes me.

I hope you are all doing well, my friends!

With love and gratitude,



  1. Hello sweet friend..welcome back! Many congrats on your new work, very happy for you. Loving all of these gorgeous paintings. Deep condolences for everything you have been through, wishing you hugs, peace and comfort.
    Hugs and much love my creative friend! Glad you are keeping your blog!

  2. Why would you delete your blog? Even if you return to it only occasionally, we, your readers, will still be happy to hear from you!
    Sorry to hear about the deaths in your family. For my family, all of 2018 was worrisome, with my Dad nearly going in October. Thankfully, he is much better now, and we can look ahead.
    Congratulations in your new job, and the successful exhibition!

  3. Hi Silke! It's nice to hear from you. Glad you found a job that makes you happy and that you had a successful exhibition. Sorry to hear about your losses. Blogging, just as life, goes up and down, so don't worry to much about it and enjoy the good things that make you happy.
    Your paintings are beautiful!

  4. Hello Silke!
    I am glad that you are enjoying your new job! I am sorry for the deaths in your family. I lost my Dad in February, quite unexpectedly and it really threw me for a loop. I think of you every time I look at the lovely Freya with her barred owl! (And I still remember the exquisite way that you wrapped her and sent her to me.) I think of you when I use the lovely knitted pink scarf in the winter. I think of you when I am at the Monastery and I walk past where your husband took your photo! You must let me know if you are ever back this way, I am only about 10 minutes from the Monastery!
    Take care and even if you just post now and then on your blog, please don't give it up! Love, Kay And just read the comment above...your paintings are beautiful! xxxx

  5. I'm happy that I got to see some of your work. If I had to choose, I would vote for Norm with the other dog, the owl, and the cougar being tied for second.

  6. Hi Silke! I'm glad you are still blogging! So very sorry to hear of the loss of yours and Daniel's friends. Losing ones we love is never easy. Congratulations on the new job and on your successful exhibit! Looking forward to seeing what else you create! Blessings, Holly :)