Monday, May 8, 2017

Evolution of an Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is an interesting thing for me. It requires much more patience than painting an animal or a human portrait. And knowing when it's "done" is a feeling rather than a conscious decision. For me it's the ultimate practice in letting go and surrendering to the process. And it's playful and FUN!
Here's where I started out. I applied light molding paste to the entire surface and then started with three colors plus white.
I could  have stopped there, but it just didn't feel complete. And then I started playing. I wanted more color and more mark making. The following photo shows the "almost finished" stage. I was almost there, but it needed more.
And then I arrived here. This feels balanced to me. I look at it and my eyes roam and observe and don't want more or less. It has depth and light and gorgeous color (much more stunning than the camera was able to capture)!

I wish you a colorful and playful start to your week!!



  1. So fun to see your process in abstract painting. Its outcome is very lovely, and I like the colors and dephts. Fun to see how the red spot made it balanced.

    1. Thank you!! You know, so often it's trial and error for me to find out what makes a painting "finished." You are absolutely right - here it was the red spot! :)

  2. very nice :D lots of great colour and interesting shapes :)