Monday, March 27, 2017

A Visit to Atlanta, Part 1

Last weekend we took a trip to Atlanta. Last year we subscribed to three performances of the Atlanta Opera so that we'd have an excuse to explore Atlanta a little more. Even though we've lived here for over 10 years, we don't make that trip very often because it's a long and boring drive.

But this time, we got off the highway in Macon and drove to Atlanta on the back roads. It was so beautiful we couldn't believe it: very rural, green, hilly with lakes and rivers, and virtually no traffic. We will never drive to Atlanta any other way again!

Our first stop on Friday was the Krog Street Market, which we had heard about not too long ago. It's an indoor food market with all the food you might want! It did not disappoint! We ate delicious bao (they are like asian bbq sandwiches), a first for me, from Suzy Siu's Bao with a local IPA. Delicious.

After that we got a coffee and little pastry from The Little Tart Bakeshop and got out our books to read until rush hour was over and we could drive to our hotel. It was perfect!

On Saturday, we decided to go visit the Atlanta History Center, which was not far from our hotel. We had no expectations and were we ever surprised! We spent nearly five hours there and weren't able to see everything. At the end we applied our entry fee to a year membership so we can come back there every time we are in Atlanta!

The first stop we made at the center was to the Smith Family Farm, which are the photos I will share with you today! The buildings were so beautiful to me in their simplicity!

We did get to see all the animals, except the cat Dodger. We even saw one of the red-shouldered hawks that had a nest nearby. It flew right past us. Such a beautiful bird!

I was completely enamored by the angora goats. This was Maria and she allowed us a little close-up time. Such beautiful animals and I'm sure Maria will make her way into one of my paintings!
 The farm house was beautifully kept and simply furnished.
But first I had to ooooh and aaaah over this lady banks rose in full bloom. We had one in our garden in New Mexico and I still miss it!
Whenever I see places like this, I feel like I was born in the wrong century. Although...I sure am happy my life isn't as hard as theirs was and I do like some of my creature comforts. Still, there's something said for a simple life and sometimes I yearn for the times before computers and cell phones and instant everything.

 Of course I loved the kitchen, which was in a separate building.

 Do you see those huge stoneware crocks? I wanted to take them all home!

 Can you believe how far along the garden was already?

Everywhere I found the seed pods from the sweet gum trees. Aren't they beautiful (sorry about the slightly blurry photo).

And of course spring was in full bloom and I couldn't get enough of all the flowers.

In my next post I'll show you the photos of Swan House, an impressive and gorgeous mansion from the 1930's.

Happy Monday, everyone!



  1. Wow what a wonderful trip. Looks like you had fun and really enjoyed what you did. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. This was a lovely post, and I am looking forward to seeing more from your Atlanta visit! Spring is gorgeous, isn't it!

  3. I hope you made it to Stone Mountain on your visit!

  4. It's always fun to explore new roads and places. I'm looking forward to seeing the next part!