Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Little Art and Some Thoughts

Dear friends, I hope you have been well! I haven't posted in a while, which means I have a good bit of art to show you. So much, in fact, that I'm dividing it into a few posts. 

This morning I was thinking about my blog and how I have gotten away from it. It made me feel a little wistful. You know I like change. I like how life progresses, how I change (otherwise I would have never started painting), how nothing ever stays the same, how there are seasons for everything.
And at the same time, there are some things I used to love to do that don't come easily anymore, friends we used to hang out with a lot who now live far away from us,  places we used to live and love, which we now don't get back to much anymore, places we used to travel to a lot, which we now don't anymore. It fills me with a bittersweet melancholy.

And there's my blog, which I used to love. I looked forward to posting every day, to connecting every day and to discover new things for all of my readers. Everything that delighted me, I'd think: "Oh, I have to share that on my blog." Where has that excitement gone?

There was a period of great loss in my small blogging world. Two of my earliest and dear, dear blogging friends passed away and it took the levity and fun out of blogging for me. And I think I've never quite gotten it back after that. Maybe it's time!

As I write this, I realize it's the birthday today of one of those two dear friends and I believe she is giving me a nudge! I need to blog again! I need to connect again!
I miss it. I miss being in touch with you all. I am very active on Facebook, which is really fun in its own way, but it's not the same. I don't really share my thoughts on Facebook. Mostly photos and definitely my art. Still, I love how I can be connected to family and old and new friends in such an easy way. It's also how I sell most of my art and I am very grateful for that. But it's not the same as sharing my life and my thoughts on my blog.
Ok, that decided it. It's time! I have changed and I need to write about it.

I miss you all! And I love you!

P.S. Linking to the always inspiring Paint Party Friday! I'm so grateful for their unfailing weekly inspiration! 


  1. It's good to see you back with your lovely, colourful art, and I hope you will be around more often. I missed you! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Your work is so incredible it makes me cry!! I am serious. Over the years I have watched people evolve and you are one on top as far as finding the most stunning style. It truly is amazing to see these new pieces which I think should sell at a really high price because they are so valuable. I hope you're license one day!! I just can't stop looking at them! It's really good to keep your blog from a marketing perspective too...even if you don't keep it up weekly. It has credibility. A book editor told my friend it was good to have a blog so people could connect. I think instagram is quicker and brings about even more opportunity. All social media seems very important in this era! So glad you are deciding to update on occasion. I always enjoy your blog and instagram!!Your artwork, the colours, how you truly make colour come to life is such a joy for me! Just stunning!

    Big hugs Giggles

  3. LOVE these works - so colourful and lively.

  4. Just got led to your wonderful blog. Love your owls and animal paintings. I feel like you have elevated the souls of these creatures and perhaps your own(?) through your colourful paintings. Will check again for more cat pics & check you on Fbk.

  5. I still read blogs--but not as many as i used to. I also liked blogging, but I gave it up when I was consistently only getting just one or two comments being left--it was lonely. Anne had a wonderful blog didn't she--I always loved reading it and especially hearing about the antics of her little parakeet.

  6. I really enjoy your vibrant beautiful creatures. Loosing friends just turns everything upside down for a while. But then, after time the "old mojo" creeps back and I would hope we are welcoming you back.

  7. I found your blog last month, and am excited to see new art up! I love the vibrant colors!

    I will look forward to more art and words - when you have time and are so moved.

    Thanks very much for sharing!

    --Jean Marie

  8. love the turtle :D so many great colours

    hopefully you rediscover the love for blogging you once had

  9. anne and renee. my friends too..

    i continue to blog and i love the blogs as much as ever, but you'll find it's not the same. the reason is Facebook. when there was just our blogs, i too was excited every day to take photos, to share colors and words. now i blog maybe once a month and so many of the real and true friends i've made blogging don't any longer.

    so i say come back and welcome back. i'm trying to be here more often too.


  10. Dear Silke, our blogs will always be there when we want or need them, when we are ready for them. And we never should feel as if we "have to" post; I know several bloggers who put themselves under pressure, determined to post every day and sometimes not making it. It shouldn't be like that, I think.
    Your approach is much more sensible!
    Your paintings are beautiful, as always.

  11. Hi Silke, your art is so soulful and gorgeous! Hugs, I am sorry about the loss of your friends.I enjoy and look forward to your blog and hope you keep blogging! I have gone through phases where I stop and then I miss that special connection that blogging brings me, like a family of friends that are so supportive. I love connecting with kindreds and celebrating one another, I truly think blogging is sacred space! I also feel for me, it is truly creative-release/expression of energy that I need to flow out and doesn't even matter to me if anyone visits/comments( although I love and appreciate when they do) it just feels great to shine out to the universe and create. But I have to say nothing beats the lovely friendships I have made over the years in blogland, I cherish!

    Your art is so visually expressive and meditative and yet feels full of magic and movement too..hard to describe the beauty it embodies..but just wanted to say I love it!
    Keep creating!

  12. Liebe Silke, schön wieder Etwas von dir zu sehen und zu lesen. Ja das Warten auf ein Lebenszeichen von dir hat sich gelohnt, lauter zauberhafte Gemälde haben deine fleißigen Hände erschaffen,so schöne Farben und Motive. WOW!
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus good old Germany und eine schöne restliche Adventszeit.