Friday, September 30, 2016

Playing with Color

When I say I just play with color, that is true and it's also in a way much more. The whole purpose of me painting the way I do is to develop my intuition, which I am finding is actually quite strong and accurate - now that I no longer ignore it.
When I went to school as a kid, everything was all about doing things "right."  I found the same thing when I was taking "serious" art classes. I had a hard time being creative and allowing my imagination to guide me when I was concerned about doing it correctly.
That's why I started playing with color and shapes before I even think about painting an animal. There is no way to get these wrong, at least in the beginning layers.
So when I start a painting, I am very tuned in to how I feel and the energy of the day (sounds weird, but that's what happens). And then I feel drawn to certain colors and color combinations.
I don't question it, I just take the colors and start. The first layer will lead to the next one and so on. And at some point I either see an animal in the shapes or an animal pops into my head and that's the one I go with. No questions asked. I assume my intuition is working correctly.
This is actually a watercolor card I painted for a friend who lost her sweet dog. 
Everything in the universe is vibration, including color. I have tried to have a more monochrome palette or to use black and white and one additional color, but that's just not me. At least at this point in my life.
I seem to be made of bright colors and when I paint with them they feel right to me every time!
At the moment I'm drawn very much to accents of neon pink, as you can see in the first four paintings I'm showing you today.
Every painting doesn't just carry the vibration and energies of the colors, but also all of the love and good wishes I pour into it while painting. I hope you can feel it, too!!

Some of these small paintings have already found their forever homes, but a few are still available at my Daily Paintworks Gallery.

I'm linking this to the wonderful Paint Party Friday group. If you want to be inspired, head on over for some fantastic art!!



  1. Beautiful colours and animals. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I just love your use of vibrant colours! And you're so right: creativity takes a nose-dive when you're worried about doing it right. That's what I love about inituitive painting as well. You just let the colours guide you. Beautiful work!

  3. Because you listen to and are guided by your intuition, that's why your colourful animal art is so darn delightful! It is true.

  4. Oh I LOVE your approach! The cow is my favorite:-)

  5. Silke, I love your multicolored animals!!!

  6. I love the cows! I have recently picked up my pencils again after a long hiatus and you have inspired me to 'go with the flow'.

  7. I am such a fan of your wonderful multicolored animals. They are wonderful and delightfully yours. So glad you followed your intuition and uncovered this happyl menagerie. Happy PPF

  8. You know I love your bright colors! Be true to YOU! xx

  9. I can't definitely feel all the energy and could have written this verbatim...because I feel identical!! You have to go with the flow of the energy...even my daughter is that way and tye dyed two king sized duvets this week...She just felt the urge...she had been waiting on the perfect time. You had a lull recently didn't you? ..because it seems you have come back stronger than ever! Each of these paintings is truly stunning...and yes I noted the pink immediately... I think all this colour is inside you and just begs to get out!! I am the same and always have been. I try the mono thing to no avail! Colour is my world... Love this amazing post. I wish every child could read it and KNOW to listen to their own voice and no other when it comes to their art. So often we get side stepped from others negativity!! Fabulous post, thank you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Your Art is just fantastic. Love all animals, the rabbit this time most♥

  11. With out you explaining how you paint I knew, could feel the vibration. I love your vibrant, bold paintings. Vibe on dear friend.

  12. After reading my post, Giggles sent me to you. I am so glad she did. My creativity, intuition, rebellious nature has been gone since I have learned rules, color wheels, etc. I really poured my heart out on my post. I am so glad I did because it sent me to your post today. I love your colors, the way everything just blends together, and what is hiding in the paint reveals itself. That was how I use to paint. I am going to bookmark your post as a reminder to trust my intuition, my gut, and just enjoy! Thank you so much for sharing your colorful journey. You are a blessing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your paintings! Big hugs, Rasz

  13. love your painting style :D so much gorgeous colour!

    Happy PFF :)
    Jennifer #45

  14. Lauter wunderschöne farbenfrohe Tierbilder sind dir da gelungen liebe Silke. Gefallen mir Alle sehr, mein Favorit ist jedoch das 3. von Oben gesehen, das schaut so witzig.
    Liebe Grüße