Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Before I left...

...on our trip to visit family and friends in Germany for the month of July, I completed a few small paintings I haven't shown you yet. They were gifts for my family and close friends.
As I go through all the photos we took while over in Europe, I'm sure I'll share a few on my blog.
It was wonderful to travel for a while and to see our family and friends.
It was good to unplug (mostly) and to just enjoy life in a different country, dive back into all the things from my childhood, eat amazing food, and see incredible sights!
Aside from knitting a pair of socks for Daniel (photo to follow when they all done), I didn't do anything creative.
I find that a real break is quite beneficial from time to time.
I was lucky that I grew up in a family that took real vacations in a time before cell phones and computers.
We'd often be gone for a month at a time, totally immersed in a different place and culture without being connected to our "normal" world.
Total renewal! And that's how I feel about this trip.
Now I am back home with energy to spare and already enjoying my studio and paints.
I'll show you my new art soon!

Linking to the ever inspiring Paint Party Friday!

In the meantime, I hope you had a great July and a beautiful week!!



  1. Love your colourful art - glad you ad a great holiday over here, sometimes a break to get away from everything is really necessary. Hugs, Valerie

  2. beautifully each individual image
    I love these colors
    greeting Elke

  3. Thank you for such a beautiful feast of eye-candy, Silke! Just awesome!

  4. Hello Silke, good to know you had a great holiday back in Deutschland! I am currently in Yorkshire, my second home, but will be returning to Germany next week Tuesday.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures from your Europe trip!

  5. It sounds like a great vacation as it combined visiting places, family, friends, amazing food and sights.
    Now your 'batteries' are fully recharged and your art and creativity are going to benefit from it.

  6. Oh, this July has been so busy at work, hardly any time for play! I am so glad you were in Germany visiting your family and friends and relaxing!
    Can't wait to see your new art! xx

  7. these are all so beautiful, and besides the bright colors, the eyes are what grab me-just wonderful! Happy PPF!

  8. All very creative and colorful and love some those dear eyes peeking through ~ glad you had a lovely holiday ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  9. I love your vivid animals!!! And who would think a panda could be so colorful. He is just perfect.

  10. You know how much I lover your art. It is exciting especially the cow.

  11. Lauter kleine farbenfrohe und wunderschöne Kunstwerke hast du da gewerkelt.
    Ich denke da haben sich die Beschenkten sehr gefreut. Toll daß du eine Familienzeit in deiner Heimat genießen konntest. Kreative Pausen und neue Eindrücke begünstigen die Kreativität. Bin gespannt was dir in nächster Zeit so einfällt.
    Liebe Grüße aus Good Old Germany.

  12. So glad you had such a good time. Saw many wonderful photos on instagram! These are gorgeous paintings..I bet they all loved them!! Glad you found new inspiration and feel regenerated!! I think that's what holidays are for!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Gorgeous!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Outstanding works that you shared as well. :) Love it.