Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Epiphany...of sorts....

Have you ever had an epiphany about something you've really known for a long time? But suddenly you KNOW it? That's what happened to me yesterday. Yesterday's blog post ended up being quite cathartic for me. I think I had to write this down so it could get out.
And many of your comments and e-mails encouraged me to move forward and stop listening to those old tapes. As if it were that simple...
And then it occurred to me: it IS that simple! Not always easy, but just that simple. In order for things to change and for me to live the life I came here to live, I have to move forward. I'm almost 50 years old - why do I keep listening to messages from my past? They are now totally out of context and need to be put to rest.
If I want to live MY life, I need to start giving myself the messages I wish I had received as a child. I need to start loving myself - all of me! Body and mind and spirit! Wow, there's a revelation... also quite simple!
Simple, but HUGE!
Loving myself.
Flaws and all!
Moods and all!
Hormones and all!
Curves and all!
Cellulite and all!
Insecurities and all!
Awesomeness and all!
Kind spirit and all!
Sensitivity and all!
Weirdness and all!
Guilt and all!
Inner Artist and all!
Softness and all!
Loving heart and all!
And all!!
I'm willing to do it! I've been on the cusp of living my authentic life for so long, I'm ready! I was born ready, as they say! And even though I got sidetracked for a few years, I'm ready again!
Thank you, friends! For being there. For witnessing. For encouraging. For loving me. For listening. For indulging me as I find my way. But mostly for being there...

With immense love and gratitude,

P.S. I'll have more happy art to show soon. I'm planning to get my hands "dirty" with paint today.

P.P.S. When I was in school we had to write with a fountain pen. It was the worst when it leaked and I got ink all over my hands. Now it's the best when after painting my hands are all colorful... :)

P.P.P.S. All photos are from my walk with Winslow and his buddy Zachy (we are dog sitting for a friend) this morning. Even though two dogs were pulling on my arms, I managed to snap a few photos for the gorgeous foliage right now! 


  1. Good for you, Silke! You beautiful butterfly, you!

  2. I am so glad you get what Dr Seuss said so many years ago.."Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

    I heard another good tip this week when the gremlin sneaks in with nasty words concentrate on your hands and how they will divert you for what the mind is saying!!

    Glad you are finally loving yourself!

    Hugs Giggles