Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flowers within Flowers

Dear friends, my week just zoomed by. It was filled with really nice business. Some chores, some creative projects, a little shopping and a lot of being out and about. This next week will be much of the same.

The temperatures have dropped a bit and that causes me to get busy! I finally come back to life after the humidity leaves and feel like doing everything at once!
Still I am taking time to look at things closely and take some pictures for you.  You already know that I love zinnias, and I'm especially smitten with how they look when they are fully in bloom. Tiny flowers within flowers...
So of course I snapped quite a few photos. Enjoy!!

I am linking this to I Heart Macro on Laura's beautiful blog. Head on over for inspiration, breathtaking photography and heart-stirring poetry!

I'm thinking of you all and hope you had a lovely weekend!!



  1. These are so gorgeous Silke... I have been observing this same phenomenon this summer for the first time. (I guess I'm a slow learner)... the beauty of a second garden within a single flower blossom. Marvelous, and only something we see when we slow down enough to pay attention! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  2. Liebe Silke,

    dein Blog strahlt Schönheit aus, und das schenkt Freude.

    Alles Gute

  3. Sehr hübsch deine Blumen liebe Silke ♥
    LG Sabine

  4. Wunderschöne Zinnien! So schön bunt und toll fotografiert.
    LG Mary

  5. Lovely blooms. I really like the first one!

  6. Sweet pictures, I love them all. The last zinnia looks like it's wearing a golden wreath!

  7. Wonderful photos! I love zinnias, they're gorgeous. Have a great week, Silke! Hugs, Gunilla

  8. The last one is PERFECT! These are so beautiful. Zinnia were my grandmother's favourite flowers.

  9. Dear Silke,
    I ADORE zinnias! As a child, my mother would visit my grandmother and we would stop along the way to buy zinnias from a lady who had a sign beside her mailbox, "Old Maids For Sale". I was about 8 and those flowers were taller than I was!

  10. A very nice photo series of these beautiful flowers .. great job ...
    Best regards, Karin

  11. Wunderschöne Bilder!!! Ich mag das sechste Bild ganz besonders gerne! Die weiße Vase passt ganz wunderbar zu den wunderhübschen Zinnien!!!

  12. How beautiful and amazing. I never looked at zinnias that way before... now I will forever be connected to you as I look at future zinnias being reminded to look at the flowers within the flowers!
    Hugs my sweet blogging sister,
    Beth P