Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Painting in Progress

I was having one of those evenings tonight - you know, when you doubt yourself. A lot. When you give the question of who you are to someone else to answer. In this case, I was giving that power to my etching class, having how I do in there decide whether I "really" am an artist or not.

The funny thing was when I was tossing and turning trying to go to sleep wondering if I had been kidding myself about being an artist, all I wanted to do was paint. So, I got up and I continued on this painting in progress. She still has a ways to go, but already she has answered my question.

No matter what anyone thinks, I can no longer imagine my life without art!

It's that simple.

And now, I wish you good night!

Update:  It is morning now, a blustery and rainy morning - simply wonderful! Painting last night did the trick. I feel good. After all, it's not our definition that matters, it's how much we enjoy each moment. And today, I plan to enjoy my day - including my afternoon at the print studio.

I hope you'll be able to enjoy your day as well, no matter what you have planned!!

P.S. Just wait until you see the rest of this painting - I love it!!!


  1. You are an artist because you make art. It is that simple, and that difficult. I love you, my friend!

  2. Ich dachte nicht, dass es da eine Definition gibt. Du machst seit 3 Jahren (circa) Kunst, also was bist du denn sonst? Fantastische Bilder, Silke und am liebsten mag ich deine Frauen und davon gibt es schon sooooooo viele.
    Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch im Dezember. Endlich!!!!

  3. Das sind sehr schöne satte Farben. Gefällt mir sehr.
    LG Sabine

  4. You are an artist because you create-you have a mind that never stops. You must quite doubting yourself and enjoy this wonderful life.

  5. Yes! There are no set perimeters on who you are, define yourself.:)

  6. As you were painting I was up writing, trying to find sleep amongst fits of other artist-related issues. Finally gave up, took the journal and scribbled away.
    Isn't it amazing how walking away from the inner censor frees you up to go make ART? (or solve issues...)
    Lovely~~as always!
    And me.... ;-)

    Much love~~

  7. You ARE an artist, Silke. :) And a very good one, too. :) Your painting looks wonderful so far - can't wait to see it finished. :)