Monday, November 1, 2010

A Gorgeous Weekend!!

We are having the most gorgeous weather, which means lots of time spent outside! I think these photos speak for themselves...

Other than that, we had a super busy weekend filled with friends, dinners, art openings, arts & crafts shows, foodie parties and not much time at home... It was great fun, but now I am looking forward to a quieter week so I can visit your blogs a little more often!

Wishing you a beautiful beginning to the week!!

P.S. Thank you so much for all your comments on my latest painting!! Your support always means the world to me and makes everything more fun!


  1. Das klingt wirklich nach einem klasse Wochenende. Wir haben heute noch einen Feiertag, das heißt viel Zeit mal kreativ zu werden:-)

  2. Wonderful fotos and I love the way Winslow is scouting out the area from ON TOP fo the picnic
    table...toooo cute!!

  3. It sure sounds like you were busy this weekend - wonder how you managed to find time to take such lovely photos!
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  4. Coming here is like sitting down on the sofa at a favorite sister's home: the refrigerator is filled with good food, the table is covered with good food, the coffee and tea are hot and the company if marvelous.

    Liebling Silke, thank you for flying with me. It has been a nothing but a pleasure to know you. I love seeing your metamorphosis, right before my very eyes!!!

    Your latest painting is a feast for the eyes. You have found your niche. Not those little canvases that constrict and confine you. Stand up and prop a 30"x40" and let the brushes guide your hand. You were born to paint!

  5. Glad to hear you had a great weekend! We also had beautiful weather here in NY and I also took some butterfly photos! Love all your photos Silke!

    PS. . . Thanks for your email...I will be responding soon! :)

  6. Oh so beautiful. We have finally had a cool down too, which brings a feeling of renewal. Love all the photos, especially Winslow on the picnic table! Made me giggle out loud. Wishing you a peaceful, art filled day. **kisses** Deb

  7. lucky's freezing here...
    beautiful pictures.
    Autumn in the Sun is the best feeling...

  8. oh wow Silke!!! everything is wonderful!!! I love the photos!!! and that monarch!!! wow!!!

  9. Lovely bunch of pictures, looks like a wonderful time was had. Some of those plants I don't recognize at all but they have such interesting shapes!

  10. Wow...the weather there still looks so warm and nice, how lucky are you...I am now getting into my Autumn clothes..but i love hoods and hats..!
    Your photos are lovely! Your pup is sweet!
    Enjoy your week!

  11. Gorgeous photos! Look at those amazing butterflies! Hope you are having a great week. :) Theresa

  12. A wonderful fall outing - it does not get any better than that! Love the photos!