Wednesday, August 11, 2010

While Watering this Morning...

It is summer in Georgia, which means that it is HOT and HUMID. This year more so than usual - in fact we are about to break some sort of record of consecutive days with temperatures over 90 degrees F (that's over 32 degrees C). Add to that the high humidity and it's pretty miserable. We are at day 37 and we are all feeling it.
Even the garden is looking tired and too hot. So, this morning, I decided to look for what is doing well in this heat right now. So, while I was watering the yard with the hose in my left hand, I snapped some photos with the camera in my right hand. How's that for multitasking?!

Wishing you a cool and refreshing day!!


  1. Oh Silke, it all looks so beautiful and fresh---as if it was a cool morning after a gentle shower! My post is quite similar today...though a bit more geared toward my desire for Fall....
    I loved looking at your garden, and here in blogland, it is--of course--the perfect, cool, breezy morning temperature! ;)


  2. Yay Silke..fabulous mult-tasking!! gorgeous photos..such beauties and lovely blooms. it is hot here too..makes it hard to do much! You sound like me..i am sure my neighbours are highrly entertained every early morning as i am seeking nature..watering the garden..talking to chickadees..and then sometime..this perfect moment is happening for a perfect photo...i grab my camera..get right in there..and have fallen or and stumbled quite a few times..ha ha! I fell into my iris patch one day..getting the perfect angle!
    have a happy day

  3. Oh Silke, die Blumen sind wundervoll!

  4. Very pretty pictures, it looks like your plants are thriving despite the heat. Send a little of that heat and humidity my way will you, we could use a bit more..not too much though.:) Nice peppers.

  5. ~aaahhh...a walk through your garden...such a peaceful way to start our day...gorgeous blooms and l♥ve your ferns! i wish for you a cool gentle breeze to blow throughout your day...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. Wow, everything looks so beautiful. I'm so jealous..

    I'm curious though, what are those red spiky flowers?

  7. Your garden is still looking pretty good in comparison to my sun scorched backyard. :-) But it is in Georgia! I'm from Georgia, so I know how hearty everything from Georgia is...plants, flowers, and people!!!

    Nice dexterity too there Silke! ^_^

  8. High art! Get them printed! Wow! Beautiful everything, color, light, composition!!! Wow! Love this post (especially we multi-taskers!) did the same this morning in the horrid humidity and mosquitoes letting the big doggy out! Yikes it is Summer! Blessings to you dear!

  9. These photos are gorgeous! What amazing, popping color! You could make a pallet for a painting out of them ;)

    We are suffering extreme humidity and flooding here. I can take the heat, the humidity, the discomfort. What I can't take? The MiLlioNs of mosquitoes waiting to dine on me any time I step foot outside. Never EVER experienced them so bad.

  10. wow, silke,that is hot. my friend robin and our friend lori are pushing themselves through fog and you and i have record breaking sun. mine, however, is not in the 90's. and for the next few weeks i will have this amazing ocean breeze.

    i'd say your flowers are weathering the heat pretty well. your ferns are happy, and so many colors and shapes. your yard must be beautiful.

    do you ever paint outside?


  11. Hi Silke,
    kj is right, while we have been blanketed by the thickest fog ever i am trying to soak up some heat from you. I can't even imagine since we have been shivering all summer. Your garden looks so pretty even in the heat, your good care surely makes all the difference.
    Have a great (and i hope a bit cooler) day!

  12. Pretty pics.Im think we must be much hotter here on th east coast.My flowers are having a bad time.We have had extremely warm temps all summer.Today or should I say this week its in the upper 90s extremely humid.I think I saw more of my neighbors in the wintertime shoveling that I have this awful hot summer,lol.

  13. Great multi-tasking! Your flowers look WONDERFUL for all the heat they have been enduring. We are not used to these high high temps here in the Roanoke Valley and the flowers are looking rather sad this summer.
    LOVING the red peppers photo!!!
    Thanks for the walk through your flower garden. I enjoyed it!
    ♥ audrey

  14. Oh Queen of Multitasking, how lovely your garden looks! I know that the high humidity there makes it difficult for living things that actually require oxygen to flow through the lungs, but obviously the plants are loving it! **blows kisses** Deb

  15. Silke these photos are beautiful!! Love them! I love the close up macro style photo! Nice job! Up here in NY we have had super high heat and humidity too....yuck! It the humidity I don't like but at least up north we will get cooler weather coming in the fall.

    Nice multitasking!


  16. we've been the opposite here, it's been so chilly my garden thinks it's autumn, all the leaves have dropped of the trees already, poor things :(

    Micki x

  17. Hi all! It seems like we are not alone with heat and humidity this summer! And some of you are dealing with chilly weather - I am hoping for some when I visit Germany later this month...

    Someone asked what the red spiky flowers are. Those are actually the fruit of the castor oil plants. When the fruit dries, it contains the castor beans. Very pretty plants! But they self seed...

    Happy Summer!! Love, Silke

  18. The flowers and peppers are so bright and cheerful. Once you looked for the good, you found it! Good lesson here for all of us.

  19. Breathtaking Silke...devine..!

  20. That's great multitasking Silke. How beautiful your garden looks. I like the looks of those chiles too. Looks like it was a beautiful day and I hope you have a great tomorrow. Take care.

  21. Your garden is looking good! Such beautiful photos - while holding a hose even. You are SUCH a talent!!! :) So sorry to hear about the high heat and humidity. Isn't it awful??? I am SO counting down the days to autumn! Theresa

  22. We could use a little heat this summer, it has been cool and cool some more. I think your garden looks lovely in spite of the heat, you must be doing something right.

  23. Your garden looks lovely, can't see anything that doesn't seem to love the heat. I wish we had more of it here - we will be lucky if it hits 70°F today...

  24. Liebe Silke,
    es ist alles schon gesagt, ich kann mich nur
    Liebe Grüße
    Angela und Elisabeth