Sunday, January 10, 2010

Painting! Finally!!

Finally, I am ready to share with you another quick little painting that wasn't so quick to paint after all...

That little face at the bottom gave me such problems. At one point, I painted over it and started new - just the small face. Once I was painting, I painted fairly fast and love the brushstrokes of the background! And finally, I am happy with the whole painting!

I painted another little portrait today while I had the paints out and I can't wait for it to be dry so I can scan it and show you!! It's very different from my previous work!

In the meantime, thank you for all your great comments on my last post - I read every one of them with relish! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! We are trying to stay warm in a very unusual cold snap here in the southern US! I hope you are warm and cozy wherever you live!!


  1. A beautiful painting as always dear Silke - looking forward to seeing your new painting.

    Do take care & keep warm too xxx

  2. Hi beautiful! Oh I´m looking forward to see your new painting! Here it is very cold. Both our cars don´t start, our guestbath is frozen (toilet, sink and laundry). And our dishwasher was also frozen. Luckily the things in the house is now ok, but the cars are not ok. I hope it will be a little warmer soon.....Hugs, annika

  3. Another pair of lovely ladies! Now to me, this looks like mother and daughter. I love the tip of their heads and also the colors. Nicely done!

    I must go check out Daniel's blog now... Stay cozy!

  4. Just love your new painting, Silke... and it's nice to hear about your process, even if you had to paint over the face and start over (secret -- I do the same kinds of things... don't we all?).
    And I'm anticipating the revelation of your latest drying project... something different, huh? Good work, painting again.

    January 10, 2010 2:06 PM

  5. Darling painting Silke! I can't wait to see your new one. Take care and stay warm! We are finally going to have a bit of a warm up...18 degrees! I won't even need a coat!!

  6. They are beautiful. I haven't had time to get in and start a painting because I'm trying to study for my r/e renewal. It is time consuming because there are so many chapters/questions. I like the colors in your painting. Great work and have a wonderful week.

  7. I know the struggle. Ugh! Why is that so. I repainted mine four times over! Have a wonderful evening Silke.

  8. these faces are beautiful and i love the colors you used..

  9. Very nice painting. I especially like the way you did their hair and of course the background. I always love your backgrounds. Stay warm.

  10. It truly turned out lovely, Silke! :) Can't wait to see the others you've been working on! Theresa

  11. Did you know you are making me want to paint like you? i love the colors in their hair and their sweet expressions.
    That reminds me of your new photo, very lovely Silke!
    stay warm ♥

  12. Another lovely painting. You seem to be painting the aura of your ladies, they are always surrounded by light...
    Keep warm!

  13. Worth the wait, Silke, it turned out beautifully! That's the beauty of acrylics - being able to paint over what you don't like. Watercolour can be so unforgiving!! Catching up a bit on your latest blog posts too - I just love the look of that German magazine - bet it's full of goodies! I have been thinking about what to make for you... I hope to start tomorrow!x

  14. Silke they are fabulous. I have my new painting from you right on my wall to the left of me. It is so pretty.

    LOve Renee xoxo

  15. What a lovely painting. I have no artistic abilities but I have always heard that faces are the hardest of them all.

  16. Beautiful Silke!
    Thanks for visiting and in answer to your question, I used regular letter stamps and just painted them with gold paint. I also used a french script stamp the same way on the background :)
    Have a wonderful and creative week my friend!!

  17. A fabulous painting, Silke! You're an inspiration and it's always great to see your work. Stay warm, bright one. xx

  18. Hi Silke! Beautiful painting, I am glad you finally could paint the smallest face, and with a good result.