Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Do you remember my Summer Maiden? My dad took her to Germany for my sister for Christmas and had her framed so beautifully. She'd been my sister's favorite and I have to admit, one of mine as well. Painting her was magical! I was going to wait to get a photo from my sister after she's hung the painting, but you all know how impatient I can be...

With this year coming to a close, I've been reflecting on all the things I've done last year and two things stand out. Last March, pretty much out of the blue, I had an overwhelming urge to start making art (a first for me) and - and this was most surprising for a fairly private person like me - to publicly blog about it. So I jumped right in and it has changed my life in ways I could not have foreseen!

I had expected
❧ to produce some collages that were fun for me to make, but not necessarily beautiful
❧ to write a few blog posts for my close friends and family to know what's going on in my life
❧ to maybe keep making art if I liked it
❧ to maybe keep blogging if I didn't get tired of it

I did not expect
❧ to actually start painting
❧ to make art that I and others love
❧ to not being able to imagine my life without art any longer
❧ to still feel the urgent need to keep writing and sharing after all these months
❧ to have found such a generous blogging community
❧ to have formed some genuine new friendships in this blogging community
❧ to care so deeply about people I've never met
❧ to receive such amazing encouragement from you all day after day
❧ to give and receive gifts and treasures that aren't always the obvious kind

It makes me think of the image of throwing a pebble into a pond. You feel the pebble, you throw it, you see where it lands, and then you watch the ripples go out from that place. And that's what I've been marveling at here - where I started and where it is still leading me, all unfolding perfectly. It seems miraculous to me!!

So, as this year comes to a close, I want to thank you for your encouragement, your feedback, your witnessing of my creative unfolding, your friendships and your love! I hope I can give to you just a fraction of what you have given me!


  1. Silke, most people don't really think about the words "follow your bliss," but you have taken them to heart, and so they have lead you to a more satisfying life. I think it took courage to start painting -- to share your art with the world -- and to share your feelings about your life. Thank you for sharing yourself with us! You are a special & talented person, and we are all better for having met you. Rock on in 2010!!

  2. You are sooo welcome, Silke! You have been such a pleasure as well as your beautiful art work! You have really bloomed over the past year. Wishing you the best in 2010.
    Hugs, Diane

  3. WOW. I had no idea you just started painting. I am even more impressed with you. I am ever so happy to have met you, Silke. You are stunningly beautiful, inside and out. Truly De-Lovely. **blows kisses** Deb

  4. Silke, isn't it amazing how theraputic art really is?! And you wonder what you did before it? Plus the blogging--as a newcomer, it's a whole new world for me, and I can't wait to see what happens in the new year--I'm glad I met you :)

  5. Hi Silke , dear

    Yes it is totally true, I feel exatly the same , with my blogging. It`s a gift being here among all this wonderfull persons, to which you belong.Thankyou for your kind and loving words,to me, your support, and friendship.
    I wish you and yours a very happy,and healphy year 2010.
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  6. Dear beautiful Silke,
    You were the first to comment on my blog when I started. You, with your beautiful and generous soul, was the one who made me continue with blogging. And I would like to thank you for having "found" me in this big blog world so I was lucky to get to meet you. You'll always have a special place in my heart. Hugs and love, Annika

  7. I can't believe you just started painting a year ago-it is amazing what you do. also Thank you for starting your blog without it I would have never met you and you have become someone who means so much to me in my daily life. Thank you so much. Lorrie

  8. wow, I thought you had been painting for a while too... you are a natural born painter and I am so very glad you decided to start a blog and share them with us.

  9. oh, silke, you give SO much more than you can ever imagine!! i'm so blessed to have crossed paths with you.....and i'm looking forward to sharing 2010 with you!!! hugs, :)))

  10. What a beautiful post! Thanks so very much, Silke. You are a terrific friend, so very creative, and your support to me means a lot as well. :) Hope to continue our friendship in the new year and beyond. Sincerely, Theresa :)

  11. Wow Silke, I felt like I was reading what my own heart feels right now. It is wonderful to know you are on the same journey as me and loving every minute of it. I feel like a little girl again, seeing the world new.
    Take care my friend and hugs to you,

  12. oh the places your dreams and energy have taken you. I can see those creative ripples continuing to spread Silke - don't stop!
    Thank you for giving to your creative spirit and to all of us.

  13. This was an interesting post, I'm glad you wrote it. Your an amazing person and one that often makes me contemplate things that I, perhaps, would not otherwise think about...and you always make me smile.:)

  14. silke, i had no idea you had just starting painting either. this post is so affirming--how wonderful that you have allowed your passion to step out on its own and celebrate with others.

    i like the quiet gentle clear way you express yourself, and it shows on the faces you paint.

    happy new year silke. i am much appreciative you knocked on my door. ♥