Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Color and Texture

It's so interesting how each season I crave the colors associated with that time of the year. This fall is no exception - I am decorating with oranges, reds, golds and greens and while I keep my decorations light, I still feel the richness of this harvest time! (Can you see our ornamental pear through the window - still completely green!)
I've had fun hanging little treasures from the gorgeous driftwood branch, Daniel found at the beach and hung over our dining room window.
Even a couple of birds love it and decided to perch in it...

The painting tucked away in the corner was painted by a family friend of the little village in the Black Forest my parents lived in when I was born.
Aside from the fall colors, I also really get into warm, nubby and soft textures when the weather gets colder. Here's a scarf I knitted - that yarn has the richest colors - browns, teals, purples and greens! And the texture makes me want to bury my face in it!!
And just take a look at the sumptuous yarn I am crocheting into yet another curly scarf (did I tell you I am addicted to making those?!). Those colors are simply stunning!
Can't wait for it to be done so I can show you!
Here are two finished beauties which you can find in my Etsy shop here...
and here!
I've also been painting and I am hoping that the piece I am working on will be ready for show and tell tomorrow! It's going somewhat slowly...

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday! And, in case I don't say it often enough, thank you so much for the loving comments you leave on my various posts! They mean the world to me!!


  1. Decorating with driftwood. I love it.:)

  2. BRILLIANT!!! I am in love with the driftwood curtain rod! Genius, I tell ya! Love everything you have hanging on it. Of course, I should have expected it from two artists. **blows kisses** Deb
    P.S. Now my daughter loves your scarf...I must shop again soon!

  3. That's a fun idea -- to hang things in front of a window like that. Yes, the colder weather is setting in, and I have already worn my curly scarf once.

  4. What beautiful decorations Silke :-)

  5. oh what fun Silke!!! this is a great idea!!! love it!!!


  6. You've had another great idea here - well done and thanks so much for sharing, as ever !

  7. Love the decor! And those scarves are so cute Silke! You inspire so many!

  8. Silke I love the scarf and I love the drifwood and all the hangings.

    You enspire love Silke and that is only one of the reasons I love to come here.

    Renee xoxo

  9. Your love and kindness could never be inadequate.


  10. Silke, love your decorated window - sehr stimmungsvoll! The driftwood is heavenly. Max and I brought home a huge piece from Italy a few years back...

  11. Hi dear,
    what a wonderfull decorated window you have Silke, I love the glass with the natural, and the big driftwood piece ,oh so great.
    And all the beautifull scarves you are doing, -it is realy fantastic colors.
    Hope you are having a lovely afternoon and evening.

  12. What a beautiful window...the driftwood w/ the birds and baubles is so magickal looking. Wonderful.

  13. Hi Silke,
    Wow...Beautiful decorations. Very rustic and Autumn. I love large windows, especially arch windows!
    Your home looks full of light and very elegant.
    Great texture and coloured scarves as well...
    A wonderful post!;)

  14. Silke, I so adore you're scarfs. How wonderfully your crochet these. Reminds me of my nana.
    Loveing the colours of autumn too. know what you mean about how they lovingly wrap there beauty into your heart and mind.
    Oranges and golds! What a colourful time of year.
    The leaves are so pretty. We get to run through the fallen ones and kick them high in the air! If you have a few children in a row, can make a real impact on those leaves.
    A train of shuffles and flying colours, along with laughter! Makes taking my daughter to school more fun.

    Have a great and crazy in a good way day!
    Thank you Silke!

  15. As everyone has said before me-I love the driftwood hanging in front of your window. I love it when we can bring nature in doors and make it part of our life. I'm lucky to have shed-less dogs so I can wear fleece without a problem.

  16. I love that drift wood and how you've hung colors of the season - how strange to see a fully green pear tree in the window - so strange how different the seasons are in different parts of the country.
    Wonderful colors and textures in your beautiful scarves too Silke.

  17. Wow!! Love the driftwood!! What you've done is so beautiful!!

  18. that is still a very German way of decorating, I think. I hang up a branch like that for Easter eggs too. and at Christmas I hang red and gold and green baubles from it.
    You make some lovely things, Silke.

  19. Hi everyone! It seems like the piece of driftwood is a hit! :) I was so nervous about Daniel taking it from the river at Fort Pulaski, but we ran into a ranger and he didn't care. We got a few other pieces, but they went into the aquarium! Glad you liked my decorations and scarves... Hugs, Silke

  20. Hi Silke!
    It's such a delight to see you've brought a bit of the outdoors into your home... I love how the gems and decorative fruits shimmer with the backlighting, the fall colors dancing so brilliantly on the eyes and in the soul. It is so perfectly charming and heart-warming to experience what you've shared here. I am so happy to be back with friends like you... so magnificently blessed, I am...
    PS -- Thanks so much for reaching out on SM... your words mean so much to me

  21. beautiful decorations AND scarves !!! makes the oncoming cold weather almost welcome....almost :) Thanks for visiting my blog...always happy to find a nice note from you.

  22. What a pretty way to hang your beautiful ornaments. I love your scarves- the curly ones are my favorite. A dear friend made me one last year and I treasure it.

  23. Ohhhh Silke, know that you do, you do. You are such a light being!!! Thanks for saying so on my blog! You are one of the sweetest gals I have met! You made your decorations sparkle with magic. They are beautiful.Blessings.

  24. I love what you've done silk! It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see that painting your working on.

    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  25. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! That driftwood branch. Bringing it into the house is genius! You can still feel like you're out with nature from the comfort of your own home. And I love all the decorations you've draped and hung from it. Gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous....those scarves! They are so pretty and luxurious. I love that pink and white one.