Friday, September 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

I find that no matter how wonderful the vacation, it's always great to come back home. And I'm glad that's the way it is - happy at home and happy on the road.

Here's one more post with pics from our travels and then I hope I'll have more art to show you soon!! I plan to get painting again this weekend... I've got a commission to finish and have some ideas for new pieces!

The picture above is me writing my previous blog post at our favorite breakfast place. Daniel is having his morning coffee under a huge cottonwood tree.
The beautiful Rio Grande, where we used to walk our dogs when we still lived there.

Can you see the road runner (a big bird) so perfectly camouflaged in the photo below?
The dear friends we got to stay with. Peg and I worked together for seven years and they are like family to us.
Some of the lovely women I met through my work in Albuquerque.
More dear friends... Peter is a very talented illustrator.
We went for a little walk near the Sandia Mountains with a view over all of Albuquerque.

Later we spent some time in the fun Nob Hill area near the university. It's filled with little restaurants and boutiques.

From there, we stopped in Old Town and enjoyed the chile ristras so typical for the area.

Among all the little stores, we found a little chapel, which we'd never seen before.
The beautiful old San Felipe de Neri church, built in 1793.
And with this I thank you for coming with us on this journey back to a place and people we love.
Now I am off to finally visit some of your blogs again!! I've missed you all!!!


  1. Welcome home Silke!
    I love all your photos and the friends you have out there are surely very dear to you both.
    We've missed you too!

  2. I always love Nob Hill and hey Johnny's and then the flying star

  3. Wonderful pics from a lovely trip! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. It is always nice to go away and quite often so very good to be home again. You have a very nice smile.

  5. Welcome back, Silke, you have been missed! Thank you for sharing pictures of your trip - looks wonderful!

  6. Awww welcome Silke (&Daniel!) I've missed you & thank you so much for sharing your memories with us. I'll let you get settled again & then I'll be in touch about my picture - so excited

    Take care

    Sarah xxx

  7. Welcome back Silke! It looks like you had a really nice time. I just love that photo of you with the red wall in the background & I think we have the same laptop! :)

    ~ karen

  8. Nice photos! I like the sign about horses and the orange church against the blue sky. I'd also really like to have that B&W mug that Daniel's holding. Welcome home!

  9. I agree, it is always wonderful to come home.

    I love all the pictures but especially the last one where you and Daniel are squinting at the sun. It is real and I love it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. Welcome back! Sounds and looks like you had a lovely time. Love the rock chair. So comfy and czy looking. NOT! Great photos and I loved the chili laiden benches. Great color contrast.
    Have a lovely day and come see my posting on giveaways.

  11. looks like a wonderfully relaxing vacation!

    btw, that necklace you are wearing is gorgeous!

  12. Welcome back! What a beautiful place you visited, I love the way they hang the chile peppers. I grew up watching westerns shot in the area of the Rio Grande, we may have to see it first hand some day.

  13. Thansk for sharing all the lovely photos of your trip!


    You are so beautiful! Gorgeous! I love reading about your trip. Looks like you had a blast. It is wonderful to see old friends.

    I love the pictures and rour description. I have never seen a road runner before!


  15. Silke - I loved this post! You and Daniel look so happy - you've obviously had a brilliant trip - it all looks so wonderful from start to finish!

  16. Good to have you back Silke. Thanks for sharing your trip. Hugs Annika ;)

  17. Welcome back!! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love Albuquerque, such a beautiful place.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    It is very easy to be into Halloween when we see all of the incredible works on the blogs. I don't have enough time in the day.
    I am so glad you are back safe and sound!!!

  18. Lovely pictures of a lovely holiday.
    It is good to see you so happy in the US; I am meeting many expats in Blogland and we all seem to be satisfied with our lot so far from home.

    Silke, what and where is a road runner? I've enlarged the pic and still can't see anything.

  19. Hi all,

    It's so wonderful to feel connected with you all again!!! I'm glad you are enjoying this trip with me - and some of you have even been to New Mexico and know some of the places.

    I should mention that the road runner is a biggish bird and you can find it in the photo below the one that features the yellow sign telling us to stop for horses...

    Thanks for visiting!! Hugs, Silke


    YOU are such a TEASE!
    That avatar of yours is not fair. I am sooo hungry and there you are. What are you eating? It looks so good!

    I need to eat something now.

    Oh uh! I missed the post below, I saw some cows...

  21. welcome home!! glad you had a great time

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! You are HYSTERICAL! You are eating AGAIN, yet you stay so svelte and gorgeous. No fair!

    Loved these photos. Looks like you had the perfect vacation with lots of good friends. WHAT? You are musical, too? Dang, you're good. Ok, off to read your interview now. Welcome home!

  23. Hi Silke! very beautiful pictures, I am glad that you have had a good trip and also that you came back again. Welcome!

  24. I HEART all of these pictures...looks like a great vaca. you and your hubby are SOOOO cute!!! i love the pic of the church and the road runner....where in the world was he?!?!?!

  25. hi silke!! SO glad you had a great trip....your photos tell the story of a fabulous time catching up with good friends and wonderful scenery! i'm like you, though.....i love going away, and i LOVE coming back home!! :))

  26. Hi Silke!!! welcome home and I am so happy to see all your wonderful photos!!! and thrilled you had a wonderful vacation!!!

    I am also glad you're back!!!


  27. Ahh... such peace I find in your posting of travels and returns. You are truly a gifted liver of life! I send you such blessings dearest ones!

  28. Good Sunday morning to you! Thanks for the sweet comment this Sunday. You are right about time being irrelevant when creating art. I think I am more impatient with my lack of skill~! There, hahaha!

  29. Welcome home, glad to see you!

  30. welcome to home sweet home! yes, after a holiday away we longed for the comfort of our own place..

    nice photos!

  31. Wonderful pictures! You have such a beautiful smile, such light radiates around you!

  32. i am here from Char's blog and picked the best day to visit...your images of fun and travel made me smile as I have been to some of the places you posted...elk

  33. coming home is one of the best things about going away... really enjoyed seeing all your photos.

  34. welcome back from all your journeying - it looks like such a great time - time to catch up with a bit of your past, embrace it and love it

  35. Wonderful trip you are sharing with us, Silke! My favorites are the Rock chair (warmed by the sun for even the cooler days), the Old Town green benches, and the San Felipe de Neri church with one of my favorite Icons, the Virgin de Guadalupe.
    David *

  36. Gorgeous photos Silke- I hope that you had an amazing time!