Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Food - Cool Summer Fare

When it gets hot in the summer, we like to make light and cool meals like salads and in this case, spreads. We have one cookbook that has lots of quick and delicious recipes: Nick Stellino's Mediterranean Flavors. I was going to write out the instructions for this yummy Tuna and White Bean Spread (click here), but I found that all his recipes are online.

Be sure to check out all the appetizers for the amazing Artichoke Spread, Mushroom Spread, Hummus, or Baba Ghanouj. If you have a food processor, most of these are done in a couple of minutes. He serves most of these with Garlic toast, which is very tasty, but we also like to eat them with with cut up veggies.

What are some of your favorite summer recipes?


  1. Yummy, refreshing and healthy! What more could one want on a summer's eve?

  2. YUM! That looks amazing, Silke. I am going to have to try that recipe. I thought it was hummus at first, but this sounds just as great. I love dips this time of year. Happy weekend to you! Theresa

  3. Dear Silke,
    this does look delicious! we like the same things, lots of salads and cold soups too.
    Enjoy your weekend you two!

  4. hi silke,

    i am visiting here via lori's site ~ this recipe looks great!

    my favorite summer recipe is a dish we call monica pasta, which is made with grape tomatoes, garlic, freshly grated parmesana and fresh basil!

    i see from your profile you're from savannah - i was just in your neighborhood - one of my favorite cites!

    glad i visited your blog - it is lovely! have a great weekend!

  5. Yum! Yay..thanks for the kind of fare! I love bruschetta...and definately anything with avocoado..
    I am waiting for dinner to be ready..I am so hungry..thanks for tormenting me little more ha ha!

  6. The tuna and white bean spread sounds very good, I will let you know what I think if we try it. Some of my favorite summer recipes revolve around cold salsa that can be any combination of peppers, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, onions, cilantro, zucchini and such with a little balsamic vinegar. Let it sit for a couple hours in the fridge and then use as a topping for, or as an addition to, almost anything.:)

  7. I am moving in. I will sleep in your studio (You don't know that yet).

    Delicious! Even my weary body and mind respond to the aesthetics of this edible fare.

    Silke, dearest, just saying hello. I am exhausted so I can't linger. Tsup! Tsup!

  8. Fruit smoothie with protein every morning is always a nice start. I tend to eat small "snacks" all day rather than a lunch and then a light dinner....salad, quinoa and veggies, a baked potato....then on Friday nights, we get carry out. So tonight it's a blue cheese pecan chopped salad, bread and a sweet potato from Outback and a sample size piece of key lime pie. I will be very very full and I will regret eating it all, but I will do it all over again next Friday. :)

  9. Oh, that looks yummy.
    We had ceasar salad with grilled chicken and bleu cheese, french bread and fresh fruit salad, plus a nice chilled Moscato. It was heavenly.
    Sometimes that is what is nice about don't have to cook as much, but it is still delicious!


  10. Man oh man -- the thing about the food you make is, not only does it taste fantastic, but it's always a feast for the eyestoo ! This cookbook sounds great. I will have to check out his website.

  11. Looks and sounds delicious! Am off to check out those recipes...

  12. Looks delicious, Silke. One of my favorite summer salads is a cold rice salad made with shrimp, green onions, peppers, olives & an oil & vinegar dressing. YUM! Have a great 4th!
    Hugs, Diane

  13. This is to die for - have just been and printed out the recipe. Maybe I will serve this to my blogging friends when I have you all over in a few days for a drink on my back deck! I am going to eat this with my favorite sea salt bagel crisps! Yumm!